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Transits from the United States Sibly Chart.

February 22, 2018

by Colleen Schmidt

For something different I thought it would be fun to post some information from the Sibly Chart of the United States used by many astrologers. It has through the years proven it’s accuracy in predicting matters related to this country.

A few points worth talking about this month is the perfect sextile between the Sibly Moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius and transiting Uranus at 27 degree of Aries. One of the reasons this is so important is because Uranus is getting ready and as I write this to cross into the fifth house of children. Uranus is a revolutionary energy, it is unpredictable and can be not only surprising by freeing.

At the time of the shooting Uranus was sitting right on that 5th house Cusp the house of children. The Moon in the third is the “public.” The public is being triggered by what is going on with our children. With Moon in the 3rd for communication and neighborhoods, it is no surprise that America’s children are standing up and communicating for themselves. Such a perfect example of this energy. Aries is ruled by the aggressive energy of Mars. Mars and Aries are also associated with war. With Mars falling in the 7th house or the house of open enemies. The people (Moon) are concerned for the safety of their children (5th house).

The fact that we are country reeling from a school shooting tragedy is a good interpretation of this energy. With Uranus coming we can certainly count on the fact that people will be speaking up and will continue to do so. Uranus which is ruled by Aquarius is the sign of the rebel or the revolutionary.

Uranus is about change it is also about freedom. In this case it is ironic that what the people want is indeed revolutionary as it is about “restriction” for the safety of the children (5th house). Certainly the safety of the children can be freeing for the public in particular the mother’s (Moon) Certainly on the most basic level this is going to change (Uranus) the thinking (3rd house) of the population (Moon). The fact that the Moon in the Sibly chart has both as ASC/Mercury (environment of children) and an ASC/Cupido (environment related to buildings and families) midpoints which is an indication this is what is being highlighted. With Uranus energy nothing will be predictable. Uranus is also sudden action or sudden reactions as this case may be and it took children, teenagers to be specific to speak out. Uranus in the 5th, children rebelling.

It is no surprise we find ourselves in this place since the Moon of the country was just hit by the Lunar Eclipse of February 15th at 27 degrees of Aquarius. With this said there was some event that takes place that will teach us the public of the country to let go of things that no longer suit us, time to move on and make correcting this amendment. The amendment is part of the countries laws opposite that 5th house Uranus (9th house). Will it happen or how much this law gets modified we will have to wait and see.

There will also be a Node return. Node is timing and connections. Surely this is a time to look at something that was done back at the time this country was set up. Right after the hit of Uranus to the Moon the Node comes back to it’s initial placement. Some astrologers affiliate the Nodes to Karma and this could be a time when we could clean up and head on a better path. The North Node is in the 8th house, or the house of death and the South Node is in the second house. The South Node points to the Karma of the country as to put worth or finances over the welfare of the people. (2nd to 8th house axis.) Perhaps this is the beginning of realizing we need to look to the 8th house of combined values as a way to move forward. Time to look at the fact that by continually allowing money to determine our value and worth. Is the death (8th house) of our children (5th House) really worth less then money and financial support (2nd house)?.

The lesson here is that we as a country need to let go of our past and our desire for money and “things.” In many ways we are still so primitive when it comes to being more civilized. Just look at the connection this country has to it’s guns. It is important for the country to respect the values of ALL people and that includes those who don’t have as much money, after all we are all in this together. Even when something is not good or down right wrong, it will be the only road people see. There is a need to have everyone think his way is the right way. It is only through death do we begin to see the error of our ways. The lesson is to learn to give things up, including our past and all things related to it. With out letting go we cannot move on.

As a country we can expect times of rebirth because it is the only way to let go of the past and the patterns set up by doing things the way they have been done in the past. There needs to be more emphasis on ethics and morality and not money. Our values come from within not from what we own. Maybe it is time to let go of the money and stop allowing the money to be what shapes us. Our struggle is not only money but also will! The strong will of the people can also bring out the idea of being “stubborn” and surly that also applies. It will also be important for us to learn to accept our diversity because in the end that is our greatest strength.

This can be a subtle but revolutionary turning point for the public in general when they a realize that this is about making things better for their children and their families. From this Astrologer’s perspective this really could be the beginning of makings better for the people. Regardless of what happens, we know something will happen, certainly this can be an interesting transit to watch.

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