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New Moon Predictions for February 15, 2018

February 2, 2018

by Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Interruptions and disruptions will feel commonplace this month​,Aries. Listening to your gut, both literally and figuratively will be important. Stay conscious of what is going on as it may be time to “burn” a few bridges. Be wary of situations where lack of information can ​result in a bad situation even ​leading to a blow to one’s pride. Children are also likely to be featured. Overall expect the unexpected! This situation may result​ in your appear​ing​ unpredictable to others. The power of pray​er could also come to your attention.

TAURUS:  ​At first glance, there will be ​some situations where people don’t seem to “fit” well. It could be a stronger awareness of odd couples or even ​of people who seem to be in ​”ill fitting” circumstances.  ​You may have a heightened​ awareness of how others “look” and what that ​may mean. Regardless​—this will make it a bit harder to be strategic. Situations will not always turn out the way you thought they might. Much of what is going on and what you feel you are enduring is meant to be or at least it feels that way.

GEMINI: There could be a stronger awareness of things that are out of control ​ranging from substance abuse to workaholic behavior. This is a month that features “just rewards.” The idea of​ a “child” whether it is literal one or the fact that someone is acting like one will come to mind a time or two. The matter of “selection/rejection” will show up with regard to credibility. It may be time to choose a professional​.  You might be involved in a triangle or competitive situation.

CANCER: This is a time when you or others might need to take the plunge. Old memories can be triggered this month and some of these memories will not necessarily be good. ​Perhaps you might be trying to find peace with an authority figure​? It is also a​n excellent time to champion your own health and health regime. It is important to listen to your intuition and be conscious of what is going on around you. There could be some undue pressures this month because of an authority figure and or the mistakes made by an authority figure. 

LEO: The fact that other people can be so clever will come to your attention from time to time this month. Memories of how someone let the consequences of their actions fall on the shoulders of someone else will also come to mind. This month ​may feature meals taken with others ​along with​ how people including you can be charming or the idea of parents or children being “charming” to one another, perhaps to the point of being hypnotic to other people. This is a great month to make new connections and contacts. 

VIRGO: It can feel overwhelming and crazy right now. Early mornings are ​emphasized, if you can get an early start do so because this month features the idea of being scattered and torn due to all that is going on. It may be important to put your foot down, and this will be particularly true where​ money is involved. ​You may have opportunities to serve or take care of others, but realize there will be at time or two when you will be the one who needs some care.

LIBRA: You will have to use some restraint when you are dealing with that sense of “gloom & doom,” whether it is you personally or someone close to you. It may be that you or someone else is dealing with a difficult/enduring situation. This month can also feature endings. It may ​also come to pass that ​these endings involve depending on someone else. This month features doing things on your own or going it alone on some level. It also features the idea of having to do things over again. Though the truth is important​, and it may be difficult to figure out, but you will learn more information ​ultimately.

SCORPIO: The idea of helping many people, perhaps even a​s a​ business that helps people​ comes to your attention this month. You might be more aware of the idea of “self-destructive behavior”, whether yours or someone else. It is also important to realize that being fair with others can sometimes put you in the position of being the “patsy.” Be wary also for those ​ folks whose​ jokes are actually a way to bully or hurt other people. If you run into those who are down this is a good time to help them through humor and ​displaying a positive attitude.

SAGITTARIUS: Boundaries will come to your attention this month as will issues related to prejudice” and who or what others could be prejudice about. Some issues in life will feel like “Karma” right now. It may be important to distance yourself from situations or people who lie about their actions. Houses or homes that are at a distance will also come to your attention. Friends at work or even friends that live at a distance can come to your attention. When you​ feel the need take time to withdraw from others and take some time for yourself. This is important self care.​

CAPRICORN: This is a good time to restrict matters related to the body. That includes everything from dieting to committing to a exercise regime as well as any routine that restricts the physical body. It is important to take care of your body right now, as there can be issues that are causing you grief. Life can at times feel like a burden of responsibility. There will also be those situations where through the actions of others there could be some surprise beginnings. Life is going through transformations so power struggles are likely. Be wary of over-reactions​!​

AQUARIUS: The fact that things are going so slowly can occur simply because of how complicated matters are. Things that are exciting will become clearer this month. It is a good time to take risks to go after the things that excite you. There is also an awareness of how people​’s over spending can be destructive. Nighttime is a focus this month and there may be some work that will happen in the evening hours. Creating a structure can be difficult right now as timing seems to be off. Though things feel exciting, it will be important to use restraint​!​

PISCES: It will be important to have an attitude of “just do it​.”​ Boundaries particularly with those we love will be important right now. The fact that things cost or that payments have to be made can make a person feel they are held captive. It is also a month when you will solve problems related to matters that are dear to your heart. This also ​is a good time to solve health problems, particularly those related to your heart. Speaking up is important this month, even though you won’t always know what to say. Realize that issues will not always follow the the traditional rule​s and regulations.

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