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Vulcanus begins it’s Journey through the Sign of Leo:

January 29, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

Since the Transneptunians are very slow moving. The changing of the energy is a great way to begin to understand how they work. Vulcanus is a Transneptunian (TNP) these are hypothetical planets or as I like to refer to them, mathematical hotspots. They have been used since the beginning of the 20th Century with great success. They were first used by Astrologers from the German Hamburg School. It was said that eventually we would discover actual objects there and this can still turn out to be true.

Vulcanus is a strong energy. It can indicate things like physical strength. When it is strong in a chart of an individual there can be a “charisma” about them. Vulcanus is also associated with “pressure.” Often this pressure is not obvious but more intangible. Like someone who has great charisma, they are able to influence others with their appeal or in some cases their coercion.

Now in the sign or Leo where we find natural charmers this pressure could come through the ability to charm others as a way to apply pressure. Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, Vulcanus can bring to our attention the idea of powerful figures or powerful bodies. This can bode well for athletes but also powerful political figures. The Sun represents “I am” in astrology, with the Sun ruled by Vulcanus that sentence can read, “I am powerful,” or “I am charismatic.” This will be an interesting energy to watch. But not all of us will feel empowered, some of us will feel “too much pressure” to do what one must. Because Vulcanus is also that “have to” feeling that we all get from time to time. But with Vulcanus there can be a greater need to burn that candle at both ends and burn out. The irony is that people will often mistake this energy as depression, when it fact one is just burnt out.

There is much we can learn about how we deal with pressure, whether it is self-inflicted or pushed upon us by outside influence. Does a person just allow burn out or do they find ways to gain inner peace in order to deal with those pressures. Being more physically aware and more physically active can be a great way to deal with this energy. It will allow a person to be tired and burned out in a positive way, while gaining psychical strength at the same time. Vulcanus is presently at 0 degree of Leo, after doing some drifting back to Cancer just a bit before continuing on through Leo.

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