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The New Moon of 26 Capricorn 54 minutes features:

January 11, 2018

Sun/Moon = Hidalgo/Neptune

By Colleen Schmidt


Both the asteroids and the dial​ give us an excellent learning opportunity this New Moon.  It features a Hidalgo/Neptune combination. ​ Most of us will ​encounter directly or indirectly this energy in the next ​four to six weeks. As we already know​, the New Moon ​occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in are their monthly alignment. ​ As the Sun represents the day it also represents the body​ and in basic astrology our desires drive the Sun. The Moon is the hour ​and it is also our emotional security. Home, family and mother are three key words for the Moon. The Moon is driven by emotions. So when they come together…it can really drive the point home (or the goal) depending on what someone is working on and ​how or if that Sun/Moon point hits you. It reinforces the energy​ of the two thus giving more confidence to those affected by this point.


Hidalgo and Neptune both are sitting at 12 Pisces 18-19 minutes. That is the point right across the dial from the Sun/Moon connection​ so they are 45 degrees away from each other on a 90 degree dial. For more information on the dial ​review my previous post ​about the dial at


Neptune is a planet​.  It​ relates to things like water, spirituality​, and things that are unclear or tenuous​. This is one reason why it is associated with disillusion, deception and illness. There is a great deal of sympathy and compassion in the Neptune energy. Hidalgo is an asteroid ​relating to speaking out or speaking up. ​W​hen you ​combine these two energies  you ​may get ​situations where things are not always said​ so ​therefore no one knows what is ​actually going on. The fact that people don’t speak out could be related to insecurity​, or a feeling that if they speak out they could be looked at as weak. It may be that people are not speaking out when they are ill or not feeling well. Someone can just feeltoo weak and vulnerable to admit they are confused. It can also manifest as not admitting or saying something to yourself because​…you might ​then have to admit changes need to be made. It might require looking at the truth. ​It  will also be those things we don’t even say to ourselves that might be the most important​!  ​

The Sun/Moon connection could be shining a light in an area we have been ​examining with difficulty​. Very likely many of us will see this energy at work this month​, (even if we don’t experience it ourselves​)​ as the New Year is the traditional resolution making season.  

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