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The Ingress Chart

January 5, 2018

By Colleen Schmidt

So what is an Ingress Chart and who uses the Ingress Chart? These are two valid questions if you are newer to astrology. The Ingress chart is the chart for the shortest day of the year, opposite to the Solstice which is the longest day of the year. The difference here is that many astrologers use the Ingress chart as a chart to predict the year ahead. One way to do this is to put this date with your present location to see what pops up and how it might affect your natal placements.

Please note that the material will be gotten through using “the dial,” for those of you who might have questions, please check the website. Starting with a Midpoint that shows up right on the Aries Point, Sun/Saturn for one which talks to the fact that this can be a cold winter where colds will be likely. It will be tough on those of us who are older or who suffer from things like arthritis. The fact that the Sun in general is close to the Aries Point reemphasizes the fact that what is going on will have a direct result on our bodies. So it will be no surprise that pain is likely to affect particularly early mornings. It can also be that our immune system is likely to be weakened. With Eos and Painleva also in this axis. Kalypso is sitting right on the Aries Point along with the Sun indicating that not all the information is known and since Saturn and Sun can also indicate separations, separations are likely to be due to not having all the information. This can also be true in situations regarding one’s health.

With (Pan) also in this axis there is a sense that there are some necessary evils that go along with what we will be dealing with this year. It is a time when you or others might want to (Champion) those bad habits or behaviors that have gotten out of control (Dionysus). With Jupiter in the mix look to areas where you or others are over-doing it and that includes addictive behaviors. With (Eros) and (Saturn)running together also shows things like restrictions because of one’s heart but it also shows restrictions with things one is excited about and this can include things like sex. (Apollonia) tells us there will be more then one. That can mean more then one problem or more then one solution or the fact that business expansion can feel restricted or cause one to be separated. (Hara) is an indication that we should be listening to our “gut.” This is literal and figurative in meaning. Which is to say stomach problems can also be featured this year. Because in astrology things mean all they can.

This is only a short missive of all the information one can glean from the Ingress Chart. Put your own personal points into this chart for your location and see how this chart can affect you personally.

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