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New Moon Features on the Dial: Poseidon = Cupido

December 11, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

This new Moon features two Transneptunians or (TNPs).  You ca read more about either of these two asteroids on my website at:  In short, Cupido stands for things like family or associations. It can also represent buildings as both Art and the idea of Harmony are also in the arena of Cupido. Poseidon represents things like religion and education as well as propaganda and the media. Morality and truth as well as inspiration come under Poseidon. Poseidon is about transparency and receptivity.

These two energies are coming together on the dial. Poseidon is 13 degrees 6 minutes of Scorpio while Cupido is 28 degrees 4 minutes of Sagittarius.  If we only look on a wheel we wouldn’t really pick up that there IS an aspect here, yet on the dial there is. To read or review about how to use the dial please see the web address for more material.

On a mundane level Poseidon = Cupido energy could simply be the attention paid to buildings associated with places of worship or schools. It can even be buildings that are close to schools and churches or religious venues. Windows in a building can also come to your attention with this energy. Family traditions can play a role in education or religious belief. But this can also indicate the psychic connection between family or associates—how people can pick up vibes from those close to them.

Real estate advertising is something else that could fit the energy of these two TNP’s.  The idea of “home altars” could come up in conversation, as could the awareness of spirituality in art. Spending time in an art gallery and comparing the  different lighting schemes could be a great way to use this energy. It is also a great time to promote spiritual and inspirational materials. Home videos and family pictures could be highlighted right now. Even sitting and watching TV as a family could feel good right now, particularly family oriented programs.

Finally, these asteroids bring up the concept of family genetics as it relates to intelligence. Home schooling or the idea of schooling in the home can also come into play. It could even be attention paid to school districts or a residence as it relates to schools. Even if this energy doesn’t seem to affect you directly, you will certainly pick it up in conversations from time to time over the next weeks.


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