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Jupiter conjunct the Moon:

November 16, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Looking at the chart for today it appears that the Moon will be conjunct the Planet Jupiter. This is a bit of good news. The Moon is our emotional core, but it also represents timing. Jupiter is expansion and optimism. Now they are presently both found in the sign of Scorpio which is not the best place for the Moon, but at it moves to Jupiter the energy can be a be “lighter.” This alone can make the overall public feel more optimistic and hopeful, as this can bring with it a more positive attitude.

With this said we all have to be mindful of being too optimistic or over reaching. It will be important to still remain practical. A good example of this energy in the greater world is the fact that women are standing up against “sexual harassment.” This fact is easy to see with the energy of Scorpio (sexual energy). The Moon represents Women and the Jupiter shows there is more then one, or many women. The fact that the sexual harassment issue has expanded into more areas outside of Hollywood, including cases in the Government shows the expanse of this issue women are facing, all this comes with the Jupiter energy. Excellent example of astrology working in addiction to the fact that it gives so many of women hope and encouragement is another benefit of Jupiter energy.

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