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Venus Moves into Scorpio:

November 7, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Today November 7, 2017 Venus moves into Scorpio so what does that mean for us? Venus is all about beauty and kindness ruling things like relationships and finances while Scorpio is an intense energy ruled by Pluto. Pluto rules things like debt and transformation. It relates to death and regeneration.

Right off the top there is an emphasis on finances as they relate to debts. With relationships it could bring up issues of control and manipulation. This could be a time when these two issues could be addressed and maybe even transformed for the better depending how one is affected by this energy.

Venus in Scorpio can be a jealous energy, it can give way to confidence issues whether financial or within a relationship. Needless to say for many people this can be a tough time of the year for relationships and financial matters. This makes sense when you think about the fact that most of us are in the throws of getting ready for the holidays. That in and of itself will cause more pressure.

At this point I thought it would be more interesting if we looked at what asteroids are affecting Venus for this journey as it begins its time in Scorpio. When Venus starting to come into Scorpio earlier was also the same time Moon was going into Cancer creating a perfect trine. Moon is exulted in Cancer where as Venus is in a weakened place in Scorpio. The Moon will still make it an easier energy giving more confidence. Trines can make the energy seem better then it really is and this is something for us to be mindful of. When you add the asteroids into the mix you get things like “risk” taking (Risk) is square this Venus in Scorpio as the asteroid Risk is moving into Leo. When you add in asteroids such as (Poseidon) (Receptivity, transparency), and (Dido) (self-destructive behavior) heading into Aquarius which all square Venus, there is a need to understand that risks could be involved. As we become more aware or educated we could find that it all leads to very destructive to those involved. Ethics or morals could be a factor ultimately leading people to behavior that could be seen as self-destructive. This is something that will not directly affect all of us but when we are not directly involved those around us could be.

Getting a bit more complicated with our conversation here (Apollon) which is the Transneptunian for more then one or business in general is running with Venus they are conjunct now as (Vulcanus) running with (Risk) just coming into the sign of Leo. Now there is the question of business or expansion, maybe even for some more then one business or more then one relationship and there is a great deal of pressure (Vulcanus) applied to that situation again adding more pressure.

Does make a good point of teaching us that no matter how much pressure is applied we still have to ask ourselves whether the risk is worth it. It begs the question how much does pressure take precedence over ethics or our desire to be moral. So how do the (Pallas) strategies help us to deal with the pressures? Only one planet and it is giving us so much to think about.

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