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New Moon Predictions for November 18, 2017

November 3, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Due to the fact that the predictions of the New Moon actually start before the New Moon, I felt it was better to send out this post when I send out the Newsletter.  Personally I am already experiencing my New Moon Predictions, some of you will too.

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ARIES: This month strategies to please others, particularly friends​ will come to your attention. You might be more aware of how even the best laid plans will not ​be completed right now. Life tends to be unpredictable overall, ​with changes imminent. There could be a great deal of attention paid to the face or appearances. It can even come to your attention that what you were once very proud of can be a bit disappointing right now. Children as well as your need to express yourself ​ are highlighted.

TAURUS: This month calls for some compassion. You might notice that you may not be able to predict the way things can go right now. Even if you feel certain that things will go a certain direction you find they do not.  Odd couples or situations where others just don’t seem to fit will come to your attention. Watch also for what is going on with your lower legs right now. Many things going on right now just feel so destined, so many things going on. It may be important to consider doing activities in pieces. Siblings will also come to your attention this month.


GEMINI: This month ​may feature times of feeling “stuck.” Maybe just too much is going on and some of what is going on is rather difficult? ​Be wary of false accusations or scapegoating if you or someone around you is playing the “blame game.” Even if something seems crazy it may be a necessary evil. Decisions will be highlighted this month as well as competitions and rivalries. Children could also be featured as well as the idea of getting a “haircut.” Be mindful also of addictions, even addictive behaviors as some things are getting out of control.


CANCER: This month features ​concepts like “just rewards,” particularly related to those in charge. Authorities in general will come to your attention, in some cases it will be about asking for advice. In others​ it will be ​about their own mistakes or ​how their behavior brings shame. Credibility is important when dealing with any authority figures. There could even be some advice about a vehicle featured this month. You may consider taking the plunge when it comes to automobiles, particularly if an older vehicle has broken down.


LEO: You might be feeling pressured to take a risk right now. Realize thatespecially this month, when it comes to risks you want to listen to your own intuition. Dreams as well as intuition are highlighted over the next thirty days. When making new connections you can be especially charming. It seems that you are using your mind and memory often this month. Food or meal times will also be a focus. Parent/Child issues could also come to your attention. Some people seem to escape the responsibilities of their own actions, and the fact that things are done backwards can be helping that escape.


VIRGO: The fact is that things can be so scattered​. Chaotic situations have a way of creating their own pain. ​When ​things have to be brought to order​, the result​ing need ​will be to have makeovers in some situations. Finances in general can also keep you awake at night so be wary. With the right knowledge this can also be a good time for financial opportunities (even learning more about finances can be beneficial right now). Shared finances are also featured as well as the idea of winning teams. Co-dependency issues will also show up. Situations where you or others feel like “here we go again!” and the effort has to be done again in order to end something.


LIBRA: Through stopping something you or others can learn more about it. There could be a concern about private information due to the fact that someone has to depend on others. This can cause some pessimistic feelings. This will be particularly true in situations where one really needs help. Watch for times when the truth can be related to destructive tendencies. Look out for situations where you or others are trying to be fair but end up shorting themselves. This is a good month to put a great deal of energy into your physical body, ​an excellent time to go to the gym or take a hike.


SCORPIO: Sometimes it will feel that it takes so long to “get” or get over something. The fact that there is so much going on can also be paradoxically what is causing thing to move so slowly. It will be important to keep your boundaries strong no matter how optimistic you may feel​. Compliments can be very enlightening. This​ time frame can also feature things like the cost of education. You feel good and ​even confident in yourself right now, but it is still a good idea to take some time to withdraw by yourself or​ to be with someone special. Taking time in your own home is featured this month. Home is your go to spot to get away and be alone so you can protect yourself when ​everything becomes too much.


SAGITTARIUS: This month features complaints as things seem to be getting worse. This can be surprising at times. It will be important to watch for over-reactions​. Be wary for there could be some destructive issues related to money or spending. It will be very scattered and chaotic which can tend to create complications. Be rational in your ​thoughts! Computers and the Internet figure prominently. You could also hear about or deal with astrology or astrologers this month. This month also features excitement at the beginning of something new. News of all kinds is also featured this month.


CAPRICORN: One thing that will come to your attention this month is the fact that if people are good to those under them, they can be put into situations where they are ultimately enabling others. There could be some bonding with others this month in order to create a plan or strategy. Strategies and structure are going to be very important in dealing with the changes and transformations. There could be a stronger awareness of diminished credibility, whether your own​ or someone else. Be alert for those moments where people can be tempted by their weaknesses.


AQUARIUS: This month could feature things like herds of animals or situations that relate to more than​ one animal or pet. This could be related to ​the nature scenes often on our computer screen. It is that time of year after all. This is also a month when you or others might seek out short cuts related to business or clientele. Medical or dental issues can cause a bit of oppression. Seeking solutions to medical issues can be tough right now. It is also important to listen to your “gut” when it comes to finances or financial matters. Speaking out or speaking up can be difficult right now.


PISCES: When someone can only see things from their own perspective many details can be missed. It can be hard to have sympathy or empathy for the plight of others. Interruptions and disruptions can also cause things to be unclear. Staying conscious and awake can help to keep you and others grounded. But there will still be people and situations that just don’t follow the rule of thumb for life. You could be dealing with special or even sad circumstances where there is missing information making the situation even more difficult. Not all the facts will be laid out with regard to a financial or payment matter.



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