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In the Sun Axis of the New Moon Chart of November 18, 2017

November 3, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt


We begin our lesson at the placement of the Sun and Moon in the New Moon Chart at 26 degrees and 19 minutes of Scorpio on the dial​. This lines up with the Transneptunian Kronos at 11 degrees 8 minutes retrograde. For further information on the dial check out: and for Kronos check out: This is an interesting configuration combining the Sun, Moon and Kronos. On one level ​there is reference to being a leader or authority figure daily and hourly. It is about making things happen and about orchestrating events. It can be a time of great events ​(for us all​) if we step up and make things happen, and even if we don’t step up, things are going to happen anyway. It is better when we can take charge.


The fact that Kronos is retrograde ​may cause issues since it is likely that those in charge are not confident of their own ability or authority. There could be some question about credibility when it comes to ​the government and officials. It can indicate you or someone else is orchestrating an event or situation wh​ere​

there could be a question as to whether it will work or be of any value. With Kronos retrograde there is​ always a question about the credibility of authority/ability. This can be a good time to advance oneself and​ still​ there are likely to be timing issues. However, questions and concerns about those in charge and how ​effective advancement might be are also likely. There can also be an added degree of independence with this combination. Realize too​ as it is retrograde the timing could be off and​ this is​ something to consider.


With​ the addition of Neptune and Saturn ​to the mix there can be losses through breakdowns in management or issues with those in charge. So this only helps to confirm the energy that results from the retrograde status. This energy also reminds us that there can be losses and mismanagement in larger companies and in particular this can highlights ​ medical insurance companies. This only adds to our disillusion ​regarding the effectiveness or credibility of government in particular. It can also affect larger structures or corporations as well.


Other factors in arms of these axis also mention how authority figures (Kronos-retrograde)are often a necessary evil.(Pan-retrograde) At this point it is obvious there is also a loss of faith (Asteria-retrograde) with those in charge. Situations have grown serious, (Lacrimosa-retrograde) perhaps from too many shortcuts. (Hack) There will be many opportunities that can lead to destruction and situations which deteriorate because it is a little too little and a little to late. (Lilliputia) Navigating times like these requires good boundaries.(Amor) It will also be important to be wary that we are not self-defeating (Elisa) and that we don’t give up. The fact that things seem crazy (Luni-Retrograde) could be a necessary evil. (Pan-retrograde) Right now is a time of evaluating yourself. (Sun=Kronos-retrograde) Your memories as well as your emotions will play a huge part in how ​you​ are affected by this aspect. (Moon=Kronos-retrograde)




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