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Vulcanus moves into Leo:

October 23, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Looking at the chart before me for today it comes to may attention as Sun comes into the sign of Scorpio, it is making a perfect square to Vulcanus. In August Vulcanus moved into Leo. Today the Sun makes it’s first square to Vulcanus since August. It seemed to be a good time to talk a bit about Vulcanus and what Vulcanus in Leo might mean. First Vulcanus adds a bit of magnetism and charisma to the individual, Leo is known for it’s charm since the Sun rules Leo. Immediately there is a recipe for Leadership. But what happens when it squares the Sun. It might look like someone who is very manipulative to get what they want even if it not what someone else wants or needs. It can also indicate the opposite, that someone is trying so hard to be a leader and is up a group that is not interested in following along.

Vulcanus is force and the idea of being forced through magnetic charm. People can be pressured because of either the need to feed their own egos or the ego of someone else. In the sense of Vulcanus/Sun could we be dealing with energy of powerful people or forces that seems to direct our energy whether we want to go that direction or not. The fact is that it might be due to the need to control, to win or to be the leader, all for personal gratification can be a disadvantage to others. Times when the search for power can be difficult due to the ego or agenda of others. The energy of Leo needs to be in control. Leo needs to be in the Sun, but is this good? The use of power in any situation, the ability to coerce or to pressure is something that may not be good for others. Vulcanus in Leo can be about self-gratification of power. The pressure to be me whatever that might mean. As long as being you or being me isn’t detrimental to the good of all, what’s the harm.

Leo is the leader but it can be a leader for something that is beneficial to the world at large. To speak out against social injustice for example might be best served by those who are charming and charismatic. The power of football and football players coming out as individuals for a larger and greater cause might be one of the more positive ways to use this energy. Even if that is not what much of the crowd wants. (squaring Sun). Since Leo is a sign related to the individual there are likely to be conflicts of interest between the group and the individual. Since these are all fixed signs compromises are not as likely.

The fact that Apollon will be Squaring Vulcanus as well coming up can make it tough for the individual since there will be so much going on it will be difficult to deal with. (Vulcanus) is the pressure that will result of all that is going on (Apollon). The fact that there will be more then one issue/problem going on will not only intensify the situation but it will also put more pressure on the individual. Sometimes it is the fact that people try to hang onto everything can really put a great deal of pressure on a situation. This is the energy of Vulcanus in Leo=Apollon in Scorpio. So it is not so surprising when you look at the sexual harassment issues that are happening in various levels of business (Apollon in Scorpio) verses the individual lives of these men and women who have been abused (Vulcanus in Leo.) The fact that these are Powerful men (Vulcanus in Leo) that have used business as way to pressure and manipulate their victims. (Apollon in Scorpio)

We see all of this in the world news but it is also playing itself out in smaller ways in each of our daily lives. Look around at your friends and associates and how are they being pressured, what is pressuring them. How does business or the fact that there is more then one situation affecting our lives and what is going on right now, today?

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