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Time for some good news~

October 17, 2017

Apollon conjunct Jupiter

By Colleen Schmidt

In astrology there is a sense that nothing is all good or all bad. That things mean everything they can. In working with any energy there should be no real judgment but let’s face it some conversations or aspects between energies seem less frightening then others. Apollon and Jupiter fall into this category. With the Transneptunian Apollon and the planet Jupiter you are taking two positive energies and combining them. Both relate to expansion and opportunity. (Apollon) can also indicate not only more than one but also a spreading out. With (Jupiter) you are dealing with compensation, opportunity and optimism. It may all sound great but yet all these opportunities can end up being too much of a good thing. In astrology we have a saying that energy is not all bad or all good. Too much of anything even if it is good is not good! (Apollon/Jupiter).

At first sight it looks real good, Apollon is the fact that there is more then one. It is about business and about spreading out. More on Apollon at:…ansneptunian-tnp/ Jupiter is also about expanding and optimism. So on the bright side we see things like business expansion or even long-distance (Jupiter) business connections (Apollon). Certainly the stock market has been showing us this for some time. My teacher (Martha Lang-Wescott) talks of a need to keep perspective due to having a number of opportunities. Realizing also that with many opportunities comes many demands. It can also bring opportunities for travel as well as business expansion. Where it gets a bit sketchy is the tendency to “inflate” what is or can be done. This is why it is important to really watch things like the stock market because as a system that is one area where the tendency to inflate potential is the greatest. Eventually the higher you fly the harder the fall.

This begins what I like to refer to as the downside of this energy. Not only can we all “inflate” our potential or our business potential but it gives us a sense of optimism which may not be based in reality. This can be very problematic. Another downside is the fact that as I mentioned earlier too much of a good thing is still too much. The fact that there will be so many opportunities for travel for business and even for education can also brings us to a place where there is just too much going on and nothing we do can be done correctly or with any sense of follow through. It can also make some people rather lazy feeling they don’t need to do anything (Jupiter). That their good fortune is certain.

If you think about expanding a business or even taking an educational opportunity or a long trip, these are wonderful ways to use this energy but always remember that more then one can also indicate more then one problem or more then one issue as well. The thing to remember is to stay rational and not to let optimism take over. It is too easy to loose sight of reality during times like this! Opportunities might be wonderful but it is also easy to become lazy and to think it will work well even without doing our part. With any Jupiter aspect this can be an issue to be wary of.

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