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New Moon Predictions for October 19, 2017

October 17, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Nothing is as it seems right now. The fact that things are so unpredictable only adds to the misdirection. But it is also important to realize you are also showing signs of unpredictability. So the question then becomes support…are others supportive of you and your needs? Are you supportive of the needs of others? It will also be a good idea to watch money as it seems to come and go!  Skin issues (particularly the face) comes to your attention as well this month. Children or any other area where we tend to be “prideful” about can disappoint, so be wary! This is a great time to learn the power of prayer.

TAURUS: A good lesson this month is learning compassion through those who are different. Communication and strategy are emphasized.  Pleasing other people is also featured, even if what was planned won’t always work the way you think it will. This month also features your intuition, though again it won’t always be exactly what you thought. Watch out for lower body issues as well as “odd couples.”  Even when couples seem so different from one another there can still be sense of destiny about the relationship.

GEMINI: Standing firm and looking at things in pieces can be helpful this month. Though this will tend to cause delays, those delays can work out for the best in part due to the fact that there is so much going on and so many issues. Some of these issues that are being dealt with are very serious and can cause concern. This month will also feature “triangles” of all kinds as well as decisions and selections. It is important to realize that decisions can be a necessary evil. On a lighter note, there could be an awareness of crazy haircuts worn by kids.

CANCER: This month authority figures will be prominent. If you are an authority it could be about your credibility.  Pay attention to foods and in particularly healthy wholesome diets. Eating well has it’s own rewards. There could also be advice about cars or transportation.  You could run into someone who goes over-board with advice giving. This is a month when you or others will take the plunge. Just be wary that the risks that are taken do not affect anyone’s health.

LEO: It will be important to pay attention to your intuition. This also includes messages that will come through your dreams. This information can be helpful and enlightening.  Use your charm but be aware of the concept of how some people allow the consequences of their actions to fall on the shoulders of others. There could be some parent/child memories that are triggered this month. It is a great time to do some life makeovers in order to deal with pain whether physical or mental/emotional.

VIRGO: There could be some discussion of “marital” or combined funds or monies. Endings are featured this month! Some of these endings may have to be done more than once. It could be that you or others are stopping something that could be self-destructive. It will also be important when serving or helping others that you do not accidentally end up enabling them. There could be some private information that comes to you. Some of that information brings up the truth and the truth can lead to a sense of pessimism. It is a month when you can be more aggressive and assertive going after your goals and objectives.

LIBRA: This month finds you questioning the cost of things. People want to be fair but yet someone is always left to be the “patsy.” There could also be more awareness of what eating sweets does to your body this month. It also points out how some people are “bad at it” when it comes to lying. Either they don’t catch on fast enough or they keep lying thus creating an on-going crisis. There could also be questions regarding a check or a pay source. It is also a good ideal to use your intuition because it can be a tool to protecting yourself. Boundaries are important!

SCORPIO: It is a busy time Scorpio!  There are many opportunities right now so many that you have to be careful not to get carried away. Sometimes it will be best if you could go off on your own to do your thinking. It feels as though you mind never shuts down. Taking time off or withdrawing can be very helpful. There could be a vacation home that comes to your attention. Things can get over-whelming and scattered. Early mornings are also featured. Some surprise addictions could come to you attention which could bring sadness.

SAGITTARIUS: This month features beginnings that can start with a bang. Just be wary that you could burn yourself out if you are not careful. Money might be the root of all evil this month, particularly if one of the reasons you are burning out is to make extra money….so watch out!   Early mornings are featured as well as a bit of chaos.  Good strategies can help deal with those chaotic situations.  Pay attention to over-reactions. Special victories are possible when it comes to complicated matters. This month also features bonding with work buddies so great time to get to know your associates!

CAPRICORN: Health concerns can be your Achilles Heel this month. It will also come to your attention that serving or helping partners might also be enabling them.  Also featured this month is the idea of expenses that are unending…  News can trigger old memories and make you nostalgic.  Night time is highlighted as is the idea of smiles that are actually a form of manipulation.  There is an intensity brought about by the changes that are presently going on. When it comes to things you’re excited about you need a “let’s just do it!” attitude.

AQUARIUS: The lesson this month is to speak out.  Heart health can come to your attention but this may also bring to your attention the fact that being happy in your heart is good for your health.  Money could be tight, so listen to your gut when it comes to financial matters.  In order to solve problems it will be important to remain grounded.  Timing is not your greatest ally right now and this will be particularly true when it comes to money matters so there may also be a shortage of funds.  It also looks like there are matters in the neighborhood that will demand your attention.

PISCES:  When someone doesn’t speak up another person will tend to only think of themselves.  There could be some strange lessons about narcissism in the coming month.  That fact that things are not clear can lead to many interruptions and disruptions.  This will only contribute to the confusion.  Be wary as there will be situations where all the information is not known.  It will be important to stay conscious and alert particularly when it comes to money and payments.  There can be more understanding if you or others could learn to think outside the box.

Happy Halloween!

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