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Hades/Kronos/Moon conjunction

October 11, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

We have been aware of the Kronos/Hades energy for some time now. But with the Moon passing there it has really brought to our attention the abuse of power on not only the public but women in general. (Moon) So lets take a look at this in astrology. More on Kronos at: and more about Hades: Hades in other words is about the details but it is also about the dirt and the fact that things are deteriorating. It is about that which is embarrassing or shameful. Kronos of course is our authority figures and it only stands to reason that the Media is filled with stories of the abuses of power whether it is to the public overall or to woman in particular. It is an opportunity also to really be aware of the areas that endorse or accept “bad behavior” particularly by those in charge. Until Kronos moves away from Hades this will be the continuing theme. It is best if we can use this energy in it’s most highest form. Get to the bottom of what is going on, the dirt will be in the details and make timing (also Kronos) count. Pay attention, know that just because someone has power does not make them a good person. It is important to think about where we place our respect and whom do we respect. Does what we respect deserve to be respected?

This is not only a time when many mistakes will be made by those who are in charge but it is a time when those who do research and those who take notes and study history can be excited maybe making some breakthroughs in their own work. It is a time when we can understand what our history means, both on a personal level as well as the larger whole. It is a time when we need to experience the “shame” and the “evil” in order to eradicate it. We have to fix ourselves (our own credibility and value systems) in order to help heal the whole of the public (Moon). We are dealing with the fact that some feelings and emotions (Moon) are not healthy (Hades). Rules and regulations (Kronos) are not aimed at the highest good (Hades) and this will be felt by the public (Moon) at large.

Kronos is also time and the factor. This said some of these things will be difficult because of the time factor Hades/Kronos=bad timing. Hades can even indicate that time is relevant to the authenticity or credibility of what is going on. Things will have a way to presenting themselves at a bad time or when the timing will make it even more deplorable. We only need to look at a few news stories to see examples of this going on. Porto Rico and Weinstein are but two. Astrology is a great subject because we live it everyday whether we realize it or not.

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