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Saturn trine Uranus:

October 5, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries 

Yesterday we looked at Uranus = Neptune which is going on presently but will be highlighted during the October 19th New Moon. Since we looked at one transit affecting us all I thought it would be prudent to look at another aspect that is affecting us all. Saturn trine Uranus!

Starting off lets talk a bit about a trine and what that can mean. Trines are considered good or beneficial aspects, however between two difficult energies it can be telling us that one planet is taking us down a path and the other is going along with it. That is not always good! This aspect is referring to energies that are in agreement. As my teacher puts it, one planet is saying something and the other is swearing to it, whether for good or bad. So we think of trine as easy but it is also reinforcing something that may or may not be healthy or good for us. This is particularly true of transits, rather than aspects in a chart. Though the same principles can apply.

Since astrology teaches us that nothing is all good or all bad it is important to point out here that both Uranus and Saturn can be difficult energies. They can bring much change and disruption to our lives. Any hit to Saturn can bring more responsibilities or separations. Saturn is asking us to grow up and be mature. Saturn also require discipline, organization and structure. Saturn is a more traditional energy where there is a necessity to follow rules and behave in a way that is acceptable and responsible.

Uranus as we know from the last post is about freedom and it makes us aware of how quickly things can change. Uranus is a sudden and unpredictable energy. Uranus is considered a revolutionary energy. Once something happens the change can affect many things. Uranus is about being different to be or do the unexpected is the Uranian way. Uranus relates to things like electricity and computer technologies. Uranus can also represent the idea of “friends.”

When you look at these two together it can represent things like “planned changes.” These planned changes can also require that we change alliances. This can lead us to situations where there can be some separations from friends. In some cases a person could be inspired to separate suddenly from something or someone. This energy causes a person can see the necessity of change. This can lead to separations and refusals as consequences of change.

This energy tests our authority and our maturity. It is the struggle for respect at the same time there is a desire for independence. It is about the practical application of creative inspiration. It points out how new things can take time. It also talks of how important computers and other technologies can be to achievement of work or goals. That for a person to do well they will need a sense of freedom, space and complete autonomy.

These planets together can also bring a sense of responsibility when it comes to our friends. With that said it can also represent separation from friends. It can also represent situations where people don’t play by the rules. It represents times when we have to deal with sustained pressure. It talks of how people hang in there even when they just want to take off. This energy also features the fact that people will act up or act out as a way to cover up for their fears of inadequacy.

With these two energies working together we all have to be more mindful of our teeth and bones. It also reminds us that stress can affect our bones. It also reminds us that age can bring it’s own kind of stress. Age in a sense can also increase our stress when we should be gaining more freedom to be ourselves as we age. It also brings to mind the idea of how aging demands change as well as the concept of how older adults handle change.

This gives us something to think about surely we are already seeing many examples of how this is playing out in our own lives as well as the lives of those around us.  This energy has been going on for some time now and will end shortly.

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