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Sun Axis for October 19th New Moon Sun/Moon=Uranus=Neptune

October 4, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

When you look at the Sun/Moon combination it becomes clear that directly across the dial sits Neptune. Then you might notice that the Sun and Moon are Square Uranus, or using the dial they are at the same exact spot. This tells us a great deal of what we can expect from this current New Moon Period.

Let’s look at what Neptune and Uranus represent. Uranus is quick and sudden indicating things like electricity and change, things that bring stress and excitement. Uranus can be a freeing energy, since freedom is a huge part of what Uranus represents. Neptune, on the other hand, is about dreaming and illusion. It concerns relaxation, sympathy and compassion. There is a great sensitivity with Neptune, it is an energy that can make us feel vulnerable. When you put this together it can get rather crazy. Upsetting dreams are possible or those dreams that wake you suddenly making it tough to get back to sleep will be common right now. It will also be common to go from complete relaxation to tension and vice versa.

With this combination there can be a degree of stress because of what is unknown. Concern about the future and where the future is taking you might be another way this can manifest. It can be a moodiness that affects us or those around us. One minute there is excitement but the next there is no reaction. It can even manifest as the fact that someone is upset because someone else is lethargic or unresponsive! At other times someone might get very excited because they feel that someone else has taken advantage of their vulnerabilities or sympathies.

Sometimes things happen so quickly that it can be over-whelming which may leave you or others in an almost trance-like state. Computers and issues with computers will also be experienced with this energy, as well as the fact that we are dependent on computers. It will be important to adjust expectations and to be more realistic when it comes to dreams and ambitions. This is a good time to make changes that are more in line with your sensitivity.

Friends can be disappointing right now, alternatively it could be that a friend is not well. Sudden illnesses that are hard to diagnose are also possible. This will be particularly true of illnesses that affect one’s thinking. Be aware that drugs are likely to affect one’s ability to think in addition to the effects of the illness. Illness in general can often be stressful. This is a good time to be more compassionate to friends in general. Remember dreams can bring their own inspiration—great ideas can be a product of a good night’s sleep.

This energy brings up the idea that one can believe in a higher source but is there “faith” in a higher source?

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