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The Sun Axis from the New Moon Chart for September 20, 2017

September 15, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt


This month we will be doing things differently and taking one aspect to discuss at length. The Sun in this chart is right across the dial from Poseidon. Working with one conversation will be much easier than working with a whole axis of Planets, Transneptunians, or Asteroids. In this way we can take a deeper look at the two energies involved.

In this case the conversation is easier to find on a dial rather than a wheel. For more information on the dial please check out Using the Sun which represents the day, or days of that Month and it’s relationship to Poseidon. Poseidon is a Transneptunian or TNP (or hypothetical planet as they are sometimes called).  In Uranian Astrology the TNPs are mathematical configurations where they believe planets or other heavenly bodies should be found.

Be aware there are more asteroids in the axis of the Sun. They will also have some affect on this “conversation” or energy. For more information on Poseidon check out…ian-planets-tnps.

Simply put, the combination of the Sun and Poseidon is our ideology or our belief systems. It relates to “our principles of behavior” to directly quote my teacher, Martha Lang-Wescott. Since the Sun relates to things like our pride, there can be a pride in what we believe. There could even be some attempts at people trying to persuade one another. This can also indicate a period of new ideas with these ideas bringing on their own inspiration and motivation. It is also about our morals as well as religious and ethical beliefs. The energy of Poseidon can be related to education, or lack of education. Poseidon in general helps us to evolve as people if we can avoid being stuck in an unhealthy dogma.

Realize too, that Poseidon is the media! It is also related to propaganda, and not all of this is good for us nor is it all real. We have to determine that reality with our own ethics and education. Poseidon can be very enlightening but it can also be quite misleading.  Be on guard!


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