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New Moon Predictions for September 20, 2017

September 15, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: This month much could be asked of you with regard to your job/career.  Many things don’t seem right, perhaps as there is much information that is still not known. There could be too much emphasis on appearances and facial reactions or at times even children. Matters involving pride are very likely to create a bit of disappointment so be wary of your expectations.

TAURUS: Strategy and planning, and especially getting things ready will be highlighted. Group activities or even support groups may be helpful. Music can also be featured this month. There could also be some sadness in the mix. Using your intuition can be helpful but it won’t always be on target. Things just don’t seem to go the way you think.  Therefore, this is a good time to learn about compassion and being compassionate. Odd couples will come to your attention. Opposites do attract. Sometimes, it is just destiny.

GEMINI: There can be so much going on that it seems like too much. Some of what you are dealing with feels quite serious and you might be better off approaching things in smaller pieces. It will come to your attention that acting strangely can be very humiliating. Issues related to a child, perhaps due to a hair cut or a lack of a hair cut will come to your attention. Watch for things that are out of control!  This includes working too much.  Note this side point—sometimes drugs are a necessary evil.

CANCER: This is a great time to eat healthy foods that are good for you. Cars or other vehicles could come to your attention this month. Be aware of advice related to justice or just rewards. It may be time to take the plunge.  In the end you will be at peace with what is going on.  Listen to your intuition and listen to your dreams. There is much wisdom coming through those channels right now. Just be careful that you are not taking risks with your health. You or someone close to you could be consulting with an authority figure.

LEO: Some people know how to escape the consequences of their actions, sometimes with just a look that stops others in their tracks. When you or others are not paying attention things tend to go backwards. Pain will be an issue this month and will very likely bring some chaos into your life. Early mornings are featured. This is a great month to team up with another, or make connections that can be beneficial. It is also a great time to learn something new. School photos can also come to your attention.

VIRGO: Watch your finances as there will likely be a large expense in the next month. Starting things over can lead to opportunities when those things come to an end. But be watch for those who tend to be bullies at the end of a situation. There can be some information gained this month that you did not previously have. Your actions this month serve others but you need to be mindful of tendencies toward being an enabler. Through knowing the truth there can be some pessimism but it can also put a stop to things.

LIBRA: Work can often feel like you are being held for ransom. Fairness is important this month as a result there could be some score keeping in partnerships or relationships. The fact that people need to protect themselves because of an emotional trauma will come to your attention. Having to go it alone or do things on your own can be confusing. There may be a need this month to withdraw and take some time due to the fact that things are expanding or getting busy.  This is a great time to take a trip!

SCORPIO: There is an issue with smoke—as in complaints or even people leaving. All of it could relate to cigarette smoke. The fact that cigarette or smoking in general is not good for you is featured. This month features some serious issues, some of which can bring sadness or tears. Something could be risky could also be a surprise or bring surprises. There is a need to be more mindful of one’s body. Added pressures can bring on destructive behavior.

SAGITTAURIUS: It will come to your awareness that over-reactions can complicate things. This is also a time when you or others seem to be bonding even if most of this is happening over the Internet. Work continues to be an issue so setting up structures could help, and there could be over-time. It also seems that not only does everything require planning and strategy but it could also depend on pleasing others. Be wary of health matters.  Be sure to pay more attention to what is going on in your body.

CAPRICORN: Relationships of all kinds may feel very stifling right now. This month also features expenses that seem to be on-going. But it is time to clean up what you can. It will amaze you how some people are not motivated to do anything until they are yelled at or reprimanded in some way. There could be news from the past and moments of nostalgia. Nights are featured this month. With all the transitions going on it is best if you can have an attitude of “just do it.” The excitement of neighbors or those around you can be a problem right now.

AQUARIUS: You might hear about a heart health issue this month. But is may also manifest as an awareness of how excitement and being happy can be good for a person’s health. Money and the fact that some people pretend to have it when in reality they may not, will come to your attention this month.  This can also be a month to solve some problems or issues that either directly or indirectly relate to money. Pay attention to your gut this month, particularly when you feel over-whelmed.

PISCES: The fact that some people have a hard time speaking up or speaking out can cause issues and resulting confusions.  Expect some disruptions and interruptions this month. Make sure you keep your feet on the ground and pay attention to what is going on around you.  Be aware that when people become selfish or self-centered it can cause a lack of clarity. You will also notice that not everyone follows the rules, some thinking they are above the rules or that they are an exception to the rules.




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