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Astrology Products, what are they and how do they work?

September 8, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

As someone who makes their living by providing astrology services it has come to my attention that there are so many uses for astrology many are unaware of. Astrology has so many practical uses for today’s world. So I felt it was time to write a post explaining some of those products and services astrologer’s provide.

In addition to the usual “Natal Chart” sometimes referred to as the Radix or Horoscope Chart, which simply put is the moment and time of the first breath. This is the basic chart that many products and services begin with. But did you know there was a predictive chart we can do every year called the Solar Return, this is also called the birthday chart. Each year your chart returns to it’s birth place and from this point we can make predictions for the coming year.

Another return chart is the Lunar Return. This return happens each month when the Moon returns to it’s birth place and it can make predictions for a month or 6 week period. The Lunar Return chart can be done each month to gain greater insight into what is going on in your life and where it is all leading you.

Solar Arc Directed and Secondary Progressed charts are also predictive charts. But they can also be used to look back at one’s past and will highlight big events whether bad or good in a person’s past. It will clearly show those years in the future or in the past where there is much more activity. These charts are also called aged charts because through working with them you can follow along as a person ages. They reflect where a person is right now or at the time in question.

Charts can also be used when anything begins in someone’s life including businesses or jobs. From these charts you can determine the development of a business or whether or not a person will stay with a job. Illnesses can also be determined through the Natal chart but also a chart from the time of diagnosis can show a great deal about how someone will do with the disease and the healing process. Medical charts are at this time a growing field of interest. What can be determined in a medical chart can be not only helpful but also enlightening without any physical evasion of the body. This is also true of mental or emotional issues as well as physical ones. Astrologers don’t even need to know a person’s real name only their birth data. With this birth data Medical astrologers can be so amazing accurate it can be mind-blowing.

Another area Astrologers will pay attention to is the transiting sky and where the planets are presently. All the transits going on have stories to tell both in the Natal charts as well as to the world at large. Some astrologers will study the weather patterns and things like hurricanes and earthquakes. Another group of astrologers will study the stock markets. There are even governments who still use astrology today.

Once upon a time Astrology was a big part of medicine. All astrologers where doctors and vise versa. The sad part is we don’t use astrology today in part due to ignorance and superstition. Astrology is a science. It uses math and research to come up with the information. It is not a belief system, it works whether you believe in it or not. Everyday astrologers are studying all that is going on around us from politics and business to the weather. In today’s society we can benefit so much through this knowledge that is out there for anyone who wants it. Medicine in particular is beginning to turn back to the old ways because astrology is such a great addition to medical work, particularly as it relates to diagnosis. So much so that in places like Britain there is a call to medical astrologers to help the medical professionals.

But more than that, my teacher Martha Lang-Wescott has begun working in her state to help with cold cases. Now astrology is finding a place in crime solving with again, mind-blowing results. Even those who were skeptical are now coming on board. Perhaps Astrology’s time has come and it will once again take it’s place among the important science and research developments in the world. At least I hope so. Because in more than 40 years of astrology work for clients I know it helps people in all walks of life and in any situation a person can find themselves in. Let’s educate the world!!!


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