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New Moon Predictions from the Aries Point

August 17, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Since this New Moon Chart is also an Eclipse Chart, I felt it was important to look at the Aries Point for some guidance. The Aries Point as we already know is that point in any chart that affects us all, one way or the other. This makes the Aries Point a great place to learn astrology from, we can all relate to the energies going on there.

This will be a strong Eclipse for us because it will run from coast to coast across the whole United States. This will not only make the energies at work more intense for those of us living here but it will also affect us as a country. The eclipse always has lessons for us, it teaches us to move on and let go of things we no longer need. It can also point out things that were previously hidden or in a personal way, things that have not been dealt with. The energy of the eclipse is said to start affecting us when the Sun squares the Eclipse point, for this eclipse that was May. This means we have been dealing with the lessons or demons of this eclipse since May.

This Aries Point features things like Psyche/Nemesis which can be things like emotional damage that affects a persons thinking. Just staying with these two energies and they are but two of many energies that we are dealing with right now. The fact is that often times our “thinking” is our downfall “nemesis.” With Psyche intuition could also be seen as a weakness or issue. Maybe there isn’t enough known about a situation. (Sphinx) also falls here. This can bring up many questions. With (Luni) in the axis, could there be some question of mental/emotional trauma and how that can affect a person?

The Psyche/Nemesis is asking you to deal with your emotional/mental damage, often times from our childhoods. It is time to find the answers (Sphinx) and heal or find solutions (Panacea) that can lead to our eventual healing. The truth is that our mental/emotional state can often limit us and hold us back from fully expressing who we are. This Eclipse is asking us to question this to look at these issues and to learn (Academia) what we can so we can move on.

Since this is the Aries Point we are likely to see this all around us, as others go through their own issues. Since it affects the country directly, look what is going on around government officials or other famous people. It is likely there will be many examples of this energy for us to study.

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