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New Moon Predictions for August 21, 2017 New Moon

August 17, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Before I begin the predictions for the signs I would like to point out that this is also a Solar Eclipse and it will make it’s journey across the United States, making this a very intense eclipse for all of us living here. The good news is that we have already been working on the lessons of this eclipse since May. When it finally hits, we move on. This eclipse fall at 28 degrees of Leo. With being such a late degree of a sign, it is likely about endings or moving on literally, in order to begin anew.

ARIES: What one gets paid or doesn’t get paid comes to your attention this month. Pay or credit could depend upon information that is not yet available or known., or so it seems. Taking pride in how things look including your own appearance is also featured this month. Be wary of how those things we are the proudest of can also be a source of disappointment. Things are changing and most of the time, for the better. It is a time when changes help things to fall into place. Prayer and positive, creative thinking can also help to make things happen.

TAURUS: Even with all the planning things do not always go they way one thought. No matter because even when things are slightly off, they still seem to be destined and generally things come out well. In many situations there is an awareness of “odd” couples or people/situations that don’t seem to “fit.” Though here again, it all seems to work. Life is about being compassionate right now and feeling supportive through the compassion of others. Siblings or siblings of others could be featured this month, as well as the fact many things are done or happen in pieces.

GEMINI: Could be feeling a bit stuck or restricted right now, but it is really all about perseverance. There could be an abundance of things that seem to be going bad right now adding to your humiliation. Be wary that events and situations don’t make you look “crazy.” No doubt your sleep is also being affected. Decisions are important this month, particularly any decisions that relate to children. Vehicles/cars could also be a factor Advice is also featured this month. In the end there is not only victory but just rewards. It the end it is about finding some peace of mind.

CANCER: The idea of people using their minds or memories in clever ways to avoid the consequences of their actions. Faulty memories will be a featured issue this month. Taking the plunge or some kind of risk might be necessary right now. Situations arise that make it important to know when to be stern and when to be charming. It will be important to remain conscience in all situations. Pay attention to detail as well as your own intuition. This is a great time to eat foods that help your mind and your memory.

LEO: Sometimes looking at things differently or through the eyes of someone else can give more clarity to a situation. Stiffness in the muscles particularly in the morning will come to your attention. Even at night stiffness/pain could affect your sleep. Be wary that you are not pushing yourself too hard. It is a chaotic time. Somethings will take more than once. Often you will feel restricted in your activity and this can feel self-destructive. You could acquire information you did not previously have concerning money at this time.

VIRGO: This month features the ability to stop or put an end to something. This features serving as well as enabling others. There could be some pessimism with regards to a payment or check. Is some situations it will be due to unknown information or unanswered questions that are to blame. Don’t allow negative thinking to be self-destructive. Remember to be fair not only to others but to yourself. There could be a dependency on siblings. Overall your thinking could be a bit slow right now and this too seems to put you in a bit of a frenzy.

LIBRA: Your intuition is telling you to protect yourself right now. It will be important to take some risks this month, and that can be scary. There will be others situations where people are excited to be on their own. One way people set boundaries is to with draw. This could be a good time to take a trip as there could be many situations where you or others might feel, “Why God Me?” Serious situations that just seem to be getting worse are featured. Ironically, things are expanding and even getting better, it is just hard to know that right now.

SCORPIO: New beginnings can feel like a victory for you right now. But it will be important to remain logical and rational in your thinking with all beginnings. There will be some intrigue that brings others closer together. Planning and strategy will be necessary to deal with over-reactions. Over-time with regard to work or production is featured. Work is necessary right now to one’s credibility. Just be wary of health issues. Some health issues will tend to become worse right now. Surprises can bring more pressure and pressure can add to self-destruction right now.

SAGITTARIUS: Be wary that working too hard this month will often feel self-destructive. It just feels like it just isn’t enough. When you finally can see you way through a situation and through logical/scientific thinking you will, it often feels too late. You feel very tested by all the chaos right now. The key might be to “fake it till you make it.” The month also features the idea of being nice to other people will often put one in the position of being an enabler. This month also features the idea of taking care of one’s health when away from home.

CAPRICORN: The expenses of taking care of one’s self can be never ending. There could be news that triggers past memories this month. When it comes to computer issues there is an attitude of “just do it.” With regard to things that happen at night there can be some manipulations or power plays. This is about knowing the difference between what can be controlled and what cannot. With so much going on it will be difficult to retain one’s excitement. Watch out for expectations, you will often have to hunt out what you require.

AQUARIUS: Timing seems off much of the time. This can cause one to feel a bit oppressed. Being charming in situations you are excited about will certainly help solve some of the issues you encounter. This month features situations where people will pretend that things are better than they really are. This is a good time to take up activities that are good for you heart. It will also be important to listen to your gut this month. Communication is featured right now as well as trips by car. Pay attention to what is going on in your neighborhood.

PISCES: It will be important to speak out this month, but often you won’t realize this until after the fact. That will be particularly true when it comes to money and finances. Things are not always clear right now and the interruptions or disruptions are not helpful. The fact is that getting grounded and staying aware will be tough this month though necessary. Though things are not clear now, they will be soon. It is always the fact that the rules don’t apply to everyone that can also throw things off. Home is where you find your peace of mind this month.

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