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The Venus/Saturn Midpoint

July 19, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

There will be two eclipses coming up in August. The first is a Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017 which is the chart we will use for our example. The other eclipse is the Solar which is going to happen on August 21, 2017. This Solar eclipse holds a particularly strong energy as it will cross over the whole of the United States.

Though this eclipse is weeks away, we are all already dealing with the eclipse energy. The lessons of the eclipse begin months before the actual eclipse “hit.” There is a process for the lessons that are learned though an eclipse, it is said to help us grow up and move on in our lives.

Venus and Saturn form a midpoint or the center point between them is what we call the Aries Point. I speak on this point often, it is the one point in a chart that the world at large gets to experience. That means we all feel it one way or the other. This makes this a great point to learn from. So right now and probably for the last couple of months (Since May) we have all been working on this energy.

Looking at each planet separately Venus which is associated with finances as well as relationships is in the sign of Cancer. A Cancer Venus could be related to domestic finances or care-taking issues, things that relate to security in general. With Saturn in Sagittarius there could be a greater awareness of morals and principles. There is more of an awareness of knowledge or lack of it. Saturn gives this sense of restriction or limitation. It is associated with discipline and organization. Naturally when it shows up with Venus you immediately get this sense of limited money. Money is tight! It may be important to save money for education or travel. This energy in particular since Saturn is in Sagittarius where travel and education are highlighted. Certainly this can make one more aware of the need to tighten the belt.

The other side of this issue could be related to relationships, how affected relationships can be when there are differences of opinion or personal philosophy. It can be about making greater commitments in your relationships as well as times of feeling restrictive. Saturn give maturity and discipline to Venus. It can help us not to spend too much, to think twice about finances. But it can also help or hinder relationships of all kinds. In Venus one needs to be supported and supportive. Saturn asks that one use discipline and maturity. Though it can water down the romance, it can help with the overall stability and commitment.

As mentioned earlier this is and has been a lesson for all of us in the last several months. Some will of course witness it in their interactions with others, others will be directly affected by these energies. Nonetheless as it is the Aries Point we are all getting to see or deal with it one way or the other. Then again astrology is the study of life and that makes life more interesting.

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