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July 19, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: This month could put you more in touch with what is expected from you in the outside world with your job or career as a possible focus.  There may be situations involving pay and payments where not all the information is available. There could be some sadness or disappointment regarding one’s ego or that of a child.  Situations and people can be unpredictable.  It shows in their faces sometimes. Things do not always go as you hoped–and remember how important it is this month especially to keep your faith.  Prayer and meditation can be helpful.

TAURUS: Even with your planning and strategy things often just seem to be destined to go their own way.  Take advantage of those things that can be done in pieces. It will be important during more serious times and serious situations to keep one’s sense of compassion. This month may also feature some difficult and bad decisions. Odd couples and the way some people just don’t seem to fit together will come to your attention along with siblings, gender issues and the idea of “triangles.”

GEMINI: The idea of necessary evils in our life will come to your attention this month. In some situations they may feel so unavoidable.  Be on the look out at these times for the things in life that are out of control. This includes addictive behaviors. Advice this month tends to be very holistic (treats the whole person) in nature and can offer peace of mind.  This month also features authority figures who are in their own right truly “champions.”  Just rewards come in the form of compliments as well as money. There may be opportunities to take the plunge on something that feels a bit risky.  Stay aware and use your mind.

CANCER: Foods that enhance your memory are emphasized in the next thirty days. You could also start to notice how people can be very clever when it comes to letting responsibilities and the consequences of actions incorrectly falling on the shoulders of others. You may discover the cold stare of a bully. This is the time to listen to your intuition and your dreams to gain more insight. There can be a great deal of chaos.  You may notice that early mornings are featured, certain photographs can cause discomfort, or risky marriages or partnerships. This is a good time to lay on the charm!

LEO: This is the new Moon for Leo and there can be more self-confidence. Yet it can still all feel like an uphill battle. You CAN be more aggressive and assertive right now.  There could be a greater awareness of the fact that winning can be self-destructive. You might gain the information you did not previously have due to your need to get to the bottom of things as there are likely questions revolving around a lie. This can be a good time to put a stop to some things.  Finally, all this energy can also affect sleep patterns so be careful with your energy expenditures! 


VIRGO: This month features situations and relationships where those involved are feeling they are being held for ransom. Perhaps someone has allowed their excitement get out of control? Your main focus might be to protect yourself and cover your “butt.” Listen to your intuition. It may be important to take some time and even go off on your own to gain a better perspective. When it comes to those you love be sure to establish good boundaries when it comes to what you will or will not put up with.

LIBRA: This month may feature issues related to a house or building.  And you could feel at times, “Why me, God?”  Avoidance of issues can be destructive, whether it is your choice or others. Money matters can be very surprising and sometimes those surprises will be victories! Overall this can be a very expansive time for you IF you take the opportunities that are presented. It is also wise not to be too overly optimistic. Complaints or complaining will also come to your attention this month.

SCORPIO: Body image could be a concern this month. It will be important to be logical in your thinking. It may be important to set up structure for yourself or others. This is particularly true of new beginnings and new situations that could be related to your health or health matters. Planning and strategy are necessary right now otherwise things could get complicated. Credibility could depend on one’s ability not to over react. This will be true in work situations as well as situations where one feels defeated.

SAGITTARIUS: Due to the fact that things are so chaotic during this month, more importance is placed on the early mornings. Work issues can also interrupt your sleep. You might notice that people who pretend or put on airs can be destructive to themselves. How people take care of their health when they are traveling will come to your attention as well as a focus on those who take care of and provide services for those who are traveling. Heavy restrictions and responsibilities can make a person feel they are “held captive.”

CAPRICORN: Cleaning and clearing up matters as well as situations that will not be easily resolved are featured during this time frame. There could be questions of fairness with regard to expenses. This month can features memories from the past and of course not all of those memories are good ones. There could be news that comes to you either through a computer or is about them. It will also be important to pay attention to “control issues” whether you or someone else. Watch too for those who try to manipulate with a smile. There may be some situations (especially in the evenings) where you need the attitude of “just do it.”

AQUARIUS: So much going on that even when good things happen it is almost too much to handle! It will take a good bit of discipline to stay on track and stay motivated. There could be a great deal of problem-solving this month.  It is also a good time to think about things like heart health. This can be a trying time as timing isn’t always good.  Try to “fake it ’till you make it!” including issues related to money and financing. Being charming now can help take you further in all situations you encounter.

PISCES: Listen to your gut (intuition) when it comes to money. This can indicate that you are dealing with money issues that upset your stomach. Things tend to be unclear at times so it is best if you continue to take the high road when in doubt. It will be difficult to speak up this month because you may not be sure how what you have to say will be taken. But it is still important to try, even if others are just not able to get it. It will be important to stay very aware this month.  There are likely to be many interruptions and disruptions, particularly in situations where the rules don’t apply.


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