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Juno the next asteroid 

June 1, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Vesta which we already covered is one of four larger asteroids known as the “Big Four.” Juno, Ceres and Pallas are the names of the other three. A simple way to understand the differences is to look at all of these asteroids as ladies. Vesta is the sister. Juno is the wife. Ceres is the mother and Pallas is the strategic warrior or in today’s society the business woman. This is one of the easiest ways to begin to memorize and understand the big four asteroids. We are born with all four asteroids in our chart. It is how they interact in the chart that explains how we deal with them.

Today we are looking at Juno, the wife. Juno is the daughter of Saturn and the wife of Jupiter. Mother of Mars and Vulcan. Jupiter often cheated on Juno and as a result she is known as a vicious and jealous wife.

In astrology Juno is all things related to one-on-one relationships. For example Juno is also about score-keeping and people with strong Juno energies can be accountants or people that pay attention to finances. Juno is also about fairness (score-keeping concept again). Ironically couples that have strong Juno’s between them are not always married. As a matter of fact they are very often NOT married. It tends to make for better partners than marriage partners.

Juno represents the area of your life (found through the house it falls in) shows what area of your life you will not be alone in. Juno in the first house or (Ascendant) talks of people who don’t do anything alone, particularly if they don’t have to, The same could be said for Juno in aspect to the Sun. The Sun represents the day and Juno talks of spending your days with another. Juno on any angle of the chart also highlights those who have partners. Juno on the IC not only talks of how there was a closer sibling but it also indicates someone who will always have a partner in life. Someone who is less likely to live alone, depending how that Juno is aspected.

A strong Juno is also someone who keeps score. Someone who might be interested in things like accounting. Juno in Gemini might like a partner who talks a good bit. Who is filled with all kinds of information. Juno in Scorpio might prefer partners who are intense or have intense occupations. Each one of us has our own Juno and it brings it’s own energy to a chart. It is but one more little detail about ourselves or others that can be studied through an astrology chart.

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