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Vesta, one of the Big Four Asteroids

May 23, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

This post will be a continuation of learning about the asteroids and how they can be put into your work as an astrologer. The relevance of the asteroids and the detail they add to a chart can be mind boggling. Working with these rocks has given me great insights and detail I would not have gotten through any other astrology technique.

To learn about the asteroids is much easier then even learning about planets which have many meanings or ways to interpret them. They can be more interpretive depending on the astrologer and the techniques they are applying. With the asteroids the meanings tend to be more direct and easier to implement in the work. So today I felt it might be a good idea to just pick on asteroid and give a bit of a description and how it might be read when conjunct or in conversation with other planets or personal points.

In this post let’s start with Vesta, since Vesta is one of what is known as the big 4. These were the first 4 that were studied and used by astrologers therefore more common than some of the smaller newer (newly named asteroids).

Vesta is named for the Vestian fires, or the priestesses whose job it was to keep the fires burning. So just from this statement Vesta is associated with being focused on the goal. It is related to work but also to (sisterhood) which can also be seen as friends or friendships. Generally since Vesta is goal oriented these relationships are more professional or more distant emotionally. This is not to say Vesta is cold in anyway. Actually Vesta can indicate warm friendships but it is also about “the work or goal.”

Someone who has Sun conjunct Vesta or Vesta on the Ascendant is someone who is very focused on their job and can be very cold or distant with regard to others. Again they can be warm people, but they are distracted by their goals related to work. This can also indicate someone who is separated from their home.

In conjunction to Admetus one the Transneptunians written about in an earlier post. The post can be found at the following link: Admetus! Applying this energy of Admetus with Vesta you come up with the idea of “patience.” This gives an ability to wait. Since this energy together not only means that someone is dedicated to their work but that they are likely to experience roadblocks and at time a sense of alienation from one’s goal. Additional preparation may be needed in order to meet one’s goals. When this is coupled with the Midheaven it can indicate “specialized work” which often constitutes much preparation.

When Vesta shows up with the Moon there is a real NEED to have a job or to be associated with one’s work. It is through this work that a person finds more emotional stability. This could be true of those who work in serving fields such as nursing or serving food.

This is just a sampling of how Vesta can be used. We all have one in our charts and getting to know more about your own Vesta, what sign it is in and how it is placed in your chart can tell you many things about yourself and your attitude toward your work and goals.

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