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More Predictions From the New Moon

May 19, 2017

continuing Astrology studies in prediction . . . .

There is much that this Sun/Moon axis has to tell.  Let us looking at using the Sun Moon conjunction at 4 degrees 46 minutes of Gemini, or for our purposes 4.46 Mutable since all mutable signs are affected by this point.  Those signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces.  Once again we are  using both techniques (midpoints as well as axis points)  to get a clearer more detailed picture of what we might expect in the next 4-6 weeks.  

The axis points are 4.46 Mutable as already mentioned and 27.16 Mutable as well as 12.16 Fixed (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) as well as 19.46 Cardinal (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra) These will be the points highlighted as a result of the Sun/Moon conjunction.

Poseidon (the Transneptunian) is in the Axis, providing clarity and a strong belief system. This note denotes not only the idea of being more spiritual as well as purity of emotions. Venus and Poseidon join the Sun/Moon conjunction.  This may indicate  friendships or associations created over some belief system(s) or idea. Things like religion in the media could come to your attention, perhaps someone who is a preacher on TV.

But this is also an exciting time with Uranus lining up with the Node. This excitement could be either good or bad as since this placement also indicates moodiness or an agitated state as well.
When we add in certain asteroids to this axis we see Isis/Venus, which could be time payments or installments. Strategies or planning related to children could come to your attention with Child/Pallas. Pallas concepts include the need to please.  However, there could be issues related to a bully or bullying. Could someone be trying to deal with a bully?

Other scenarios this cycle feature (Risk) risky situations or (Erigone) self-destructive situations.  Some of these risks could involve money (Dollaro, Coyne).  Use restraint this month when dealing with money (ZeusA/Coyne).  In a different mode, someone could be losing sleep while they grapple with the truth (Hypnos/Truth) or is there is a journey they must take on their own with (Persephone). As we all eventually learn, the deeper truth is that some journeys must be done on our own (Persephone/Truth). 


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  1. Amanda permalink

    Amazing..Persephone/Truth ..19th May 2017 is a very significant day for me . These two asteroids extremely relevant to my cause just plugged into for eclipse on 27th July…thank you…I just love synchronicity

  2. I just love synchronicity…19th May 2017 was a very significant date for me,,in fact 19th May poking me in the eye and feeding me..Also believe it to be my conception date,,,but more amazing I plugged in Truth and Fides just a few hours ago and thought I’d plug in Persephone tooo…yes this journey is being done on my own and colouring in my chart for me with current events. Thank you…

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