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Sun Predictions for May 17th 2017

May 16, 2017


Looking at the Sun axis for the day it starts with the fact that there is a NO/KR midpoint. This indicates that dealing with those in charge is featured. In some cases people can be entangled with the authorities. In other cases people can be summoned by officials.

The fact that the Sun is across the dial from Venus can indicate things like being hormonal or even attracted to someone else physically. It can also indicate being flattered or complimented. It is a time when feeling good shows through the body and body language. (Soma and Sheldon) reinforce this as both these asteroids represent the body and also fall in the Sun’s axis for today. Eros also falls there indicating that someone could even be excited or “turned on.”

Now for some this can also relate to things like realizing that one’s body has been suffering and it may be time to take the plunge to make better decisions related to the body. The fact that some do not take care of themselves will also come to your attention, How self-destructive (Dido) people can be when it comes to their bodies. In some cases people seem to blame (Nemesis) the fact that they are struggling in life either through their work or work schedules (Vesta) could be adding to the decline (Morden) of either the body or other situations in one’s life.

The good news is all this is great for someone who wants to get serious with regard to their bodies.

Venus/Sun also relates to looking good and feeling good and when this happens often times people will over do it whether it is spending or eating. It will be important to remain conscious of what you do that day. It is also important to be wary of situations that can get out of control or become addictive (Dionysus). Today is a day when one can realize how to set goals. (Vesta)By the same token when something is out of control it will come to your attention as well today. The can also also be about how to distance ourselves from things or people we know are destructive or in some form of decline. It will also be important to understand how much the expectations (Hybris) can be self-destructive.

Through all of this there could also be this idea that somethings are about “just rewards” and situations that are in decline because bad things are adding up and completely out of control.

It is a day when there can be plenty of intuition (Hekate) if you re objective enough (Vesta) to let go of expectations (Hybris) and listen to your conscience. (Conscience/Plunge). And all this just touches the surface of what’s going on tomorrow.

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