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A good look at the Aries Point, May 5, 2017

May 2, 2017


By Colleen Schmidt

Since the Sun falls in the Aries Point Axis today, I felt it was a great opportunity to learn more about asteroids and midpoints via the Aries Point an area we can all identify with. There are a number of ways to use astrology for prediction or as a learning tool. Using the Aries Point or the Sun axis are but two. When we have the opportunity as we do today we can “see” both since the Sun and Aries Point are in the same axis.

Starting with a couple of Midpoints that fall here first there is the Node/Apollon, since Nodes are our contacts and connections and Apollon is business and expansive it can indicate more than one business contact or connection. There could even be success through ones contacts right now, being in contact with the right people. This can represent freedom and expansion.

With that there is also a Admetus/Apollon Midpoint as well. Admetus can be hindrances and obstacles but it is also about getting to the bottom of a matter. When Admetus forms an aspect with Apollon it is said to produce contentment. A sense of satisfaction and fulfillment can also bring on that need to rest (Admetus).

The next Midpoint is Vesta/Admetus. Admetus as we stated is about getting to the bottom of a matter it can also bring matters to a standstill as people could avoid work and since it is vacation time for many this can be just that. But Vesta is our work and goals and often times this can also be an indication of “specialized work.” Could something be brought to a standstill in order to wait for the “specialist.” If you are someone who does “specialized work,” your work could be highlighted and there could even be some expansion through contacts or networking.

The Vesta/Node Midpoint is another work related asteroid and here it is connecting to contacts and connections. Simply put this can be our work associates. This will be a time when people might be putting so much time and effort into their work/jobs or even goals that it gets out of control and others are left waiting at home.

This all brings us to the Asteroids featured in this axis. Starting off with Bacchus (addictions and addictive behavior) Realize this can be an indication of a work-a-holic tendencies. It also points out that things are out of control, even a person’s attitude about their work or job. With D’arrest as another asteroid here, it can be a great time to take off, to stop something particularly if you or others feel it is out of control.

This can also be a time look at other addictions and see what can be done to stop addictions or addictive behaviors. With Wake as another asteroid here there is certainly more awareness of the self-destruction (Williams, also there) that addictions or addictive behavior can be. Urania the asteroid of logic and logical thinking is also there but this also tells us that astrology can also be a factor to help in our awareness.

Another Asteroid that falls here is Stockholm and yes we do use it the same way, which means that for some contacts or connections a person almost has to yell at them to get them to do what they are suppose to do. It is the idea that some people may not hear you otherwise. Along the way Stockholm could come to your attention in other ways as well this year. Why is it that human nature is such that we often need to learn everything the “hard” way? Stockholm can also refer to those who don’t seem to know how to handle themselves unless they are treating others badly.

Ties all these points together and they do make up quite a story.

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