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New Moon Predictions for April 26, 2017

April 20, 2017

astrology-background-zodiac-symbols-over-blue-universe-like-concept-45901166By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES: Mercury closely connected with Uranus can indicate quick thinking but also unpredictable thoughts.  Headaches or some general stress can be a factor in the next 30 days. Some excitement could be related to friends. Things are coming together very well in certain areas of life, yet it all can still feel like fate or destiny. Very likely you knew it would be like this but yet it is somehow not like you imagined. The good news is that now you can be at peace with things. Decisions and decision making could be featured this month.

TAURUS: This new moon is for you Taurus! It can help you to feel a bit more confident and secure. Even with this said you might still feel better working alone or even behind the scenes. Food as well as the idea of nurturing will come to your attention. This includes the idea of comfort food, as the idea of food can trigger significant memories. This month can also feature advice from authority figures.   You might be aware of things that have gotten out of control. Taking the plunge or a chance may pay off for you in the end.

GEMINI: Mars is running through Gemini currently so be aware that this can make you more energized even to the point of being aggressive, more argumentative or even confrontational. There could be some insights regarding self-destructive behaviors.  Discoveries may occur so that you may find information not previously known that will help get to the bottom of things.  This information could also be related to having to continue to endure something. A makeover may turn things into a winning situation for you this month.

CANCER: This month, you may discover the truth when something ends. It also features the idea of boundaries, particularly those applied to those closest to us. Some journeys in life can only be taken alone. Be wary as there could be a loss of sleep related to money or questions about money. There may also be opportunities this month to put an end to something. Remain fair to yourself!  Some of our goals in life just seem to go slowly or take time. Work in general can slow down, or maybe you are just moving slowly? Truth and the idea of lying are both important this month.

LEO: The danger that serving others may lead to co-dependency issues will come to your attention. There is also an idea that expenses and bills in general can make a person feel as if they are being held for ransom.  Light headedness will come to your attention, but you may also experience this as a lack of clarity.  Being alone, doing things by yourself may also be featured this month. Communication in the form of phone calls and messages as well as a preference to stay close to home is highlighted this month.  

VIRGO: This is a good month for you to listen to your own intuition. This will be particularly true when making new contacts and connections. The tendency might be to protect oneself. Tears are possible and that includes tears as the result of smoke. Withdrawing can be a way to set boundaries. Houses that are used for vacations could also be coming to your attention. There is definitely excitement about matters related to home and family.  This is a great time to be creative with your home or your get-a-way/vacation home!

LIBRA:  Great pressure can prompt you to ask “why me?” One has to be clever to deal with it and not fall ill. This month also features the idea of withdrawing so one can grieve. This concept includes hiding away as well as complaints or grievances. Quite possibly there is some degree of reflection going on. At some point finances should look better and this will give you the ultimate victory that you seek to find.  If it weren’t for the fact that so much is going on it would be easier to be optimistic.

SCORPIO: Could you be surprised by some body issues or body image issues? Perhaps things are more serious than you believed? New beginnings are a focus this month and it will take strategy and planning as well as logic to set things up. This will all be necessary to make things credible. This month also features the idea of bonding with others over complicated matters. But also realize that bonding with others can also complicate the situation, particularly if someone has an over-reaction to something they feel is evil.  Be careful when you engage others in this arena.  

SAGITTARIUS: This month will focus on work and goals. It is a month when you can be very productive.  This is a great time to work on your own personal projects. The other thing featured this month is the idea of separation from family members or family members who are moving away.  Things are rather crazy and this will disrupt a person’s ability to sleep.  People are likely to feel tired and fatigued. As a result keep an eye on your health!  With all the added responsibility now there is a tendency to feel that things are happening a little too little and a little too late.

CAPRICORN: Health issues or health matters may continue to be your Achilles’s Heel this month as well as the idea of co-dependency. It also speaks of how those in position of service can be very good to those they serve as well as those under them. Continuing issues with expenses and your partnerships will also be featured. There could be some reminiscing with neighbors or about neighborhoods. The idea of just getting out there and doing something is also featured. This could include something related to a computer or working on a computer.

AQUARIUS: It can take restraint to solve some of the problems you are dealing with this month. The good news is that problem solving in featured.  There is success ultimately but it seems there are many problems to solve. In some cases the idea of “faking it ’till you make it” could apply. Listen to your gut this month as this may be a time when stomach problems could be highlighted. One area where there could be some resolution is related to money or financing. It will also be important to remember that sometimes it is not worth hunting to find where to place the blame.

PISCES: Sometime it will be difficult to know when to speak out, particularly as it relates to interruptions or disruptions. Things like death benefits could come to your attention this month. There could also be a stronger than normal awareness of how things appear. Being awake and totally present will be important this month but it will still be difficult to handle situations there are many unknowns. Look for times when people might be angry for reasons they don’t know or understand.  Remember, not all the rules apply to all the people, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.


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