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Midpoints & Asteroids for the New Moon of April 27 2017

April 20, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt


We continue our study of how to read astrology and use predictive tools. This month we will use both Asteroids (some of them) as well as the midpoints for the Aries Point…

Remember the Aries Point is about the larger world—it could even be related to new events that catch your attention over the next 30 days.

When reading these individual techniques it is also important to put them “together” where you can for further detail. The example we will use today is the midpoint Ascendant/Jupiter which falls right at the Aries Point. Generally speaking Jupiter is a beneficial planet and when running with the Ascendant, it is possible for people to be very optimistic and in general happy. But in this case the Midpoint also equals Phaethon, an asteroid that indicates things being out of control.  On a good day, this might be the purchase of an automobile as Phaethon is also vehicles for transportation. It can on some days bring the idea of a good trip. But Jupiter can also be the idea of over-doing it, over-eating and in general taking things too far. So when it meets with Phaethon it can mean double trouble as it combines the idea of things not only going too far but also getting out of control along the way!  This is a great example that not all things under Jupiter are good.

Vulcanus/Jupiter is also on the Aries Point axis.  This can indicate a push or pressure that will help to force people to good fortune, but remember Phaethon also falls here so be wary.

Jupiter/Neptune this can indicate anything from a shortage of money to money that is made easily. But with Neptune things will not be clear or obvious and it may be easy to be mislead or to convince oneself that things are better than they really are. 

The Mercury/Mars midpoint will also make people more argumentative. There can be quarreling with this energy. But the asteroids here are compassion and consciousness.  Therefore it will be important to not only remain conscious of what is going on but to also remember to be compassionate.

Uranus/Pluto tells us that things can change quickly and there could even be a time or two when a friend could pull a power play. Manipulations and power plays could seem to appear out of nowhere.

It is not surprising that the cost of being sick shows up here. But this could also warn others of money issues and the fact that we are often in a position where we feel we are being held for ransom in some difficult situations, for some they might even feel this about their job. The trick here might be to really be conscious of expenses.

Still for others what may have gotten out of control are painful things, with the asteroid “Painleva.”  Be very alert for those who never seem to do what they are supposed to unless someone screams and yells at them first.

But most importantly, this month use all this Jupiter energy to learn all that you can and expand on who you are as a person.


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