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The current phenomenon Saturn conjunct Cupido:

April 5, 2017

Saturn is 27 degrees 47 minutes Sagittarius at the moment direct but in 14 or so hours it turns retrograde. Meanwhile Cupido which has already started it’s retrograde period is 28 degree 28 minutes of Sagittarius. Up until the retrogrades it was about the move and the new start as well as the new path. But with the retrograde there can be some real cleaning out and clearing up of things as well as the reflection of what the separation will mean. How separation from others is a evolution of oneself, even if these people are our family. This reflective period of this conversation can be the way to a greater perspective on the necessity of change in our lives. Even if you are only the witness of these issues or situations it will help us ALL to understand more about the dynamics of the group and our role in it.

This conversation has my personal attention and no doubt the attention of many of you out there. Saturn is our structure, but it also represents tasks or lessons. Saturn deals with things like separation and restriction. Cupido is the family, an association or even a building. So the idea of moving will be on the minds of many people. No doubt most of us knows someone going through a move right now.

The irony is that the Spring is generally a time when people move, what makes this move different? I believe what will make this current spring moving time more dramatic is the fact that there will be larger separation as a result. This is also an indication of divisions within families and associations as well as the need to make larger commitments to other areas of one’s life. For example the individual who has to move closer to their work is likely moving farther from friends and family. Many of the change now will lead to other separations or changes. Hopefully changes that can make us all stronger and more committed to our own lives as well as the structures in them.

With Poseidon in the axis some will be leaving for education or educational purpose. New buildings will have an emphasis on windows and lighting, as well as the idea of understanding more and gaining more clarity in one’s life. Pluto is also close to this axis, which can indicate that changes are not necessarily under our control but it is imminent. Pluto is also changes, but with Pluto guaranteed they will be transforming changes. Pluto can also bring a degree of empowerment resulting from those changes, so don’t struggle so hard what is meant to be will be.

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