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Vulcanus another Uranian Planet also known as the Transneptunians~ (TNPs)

March 29, 2017

Vulcanus is associated with keywords such as magnetic, strong, powerful, strength is what one sees or feels when it comes to Vulcanus. When you have a planet or personal point affected by Vulcanus there is a compulsion related to it a strength of purpose. For example with Venus, there can be a great attraction, taking that desire or attraction of Venus to a whole new level.

Vulcanus like all the TNPs moves very slowly. It moves only .32 degrees a day taking 633 years to complete a full cycle. So once again these Transneptunians are more generational. Transits of Vulcanus can last for years, since it doesn’t move quickly. Presently Vulcanus is 29 degrees of Cancer so in the next year or so Vulcanus will change signs and moves into the sign of Leo. So we will all be able to witness the transition of Vulcanus from Cancer to Leo.

Vulcanus either in transit to the Sun in a chart or conjunct the Sun in a natal chart gives strength of body and a virility. With Vulcanus there is an invisible force making these people very magnetic or charismatic. There is a strong ability to use persuasion or coercion with this energy. In aspect to Saturn, it could be the father who was the magnetic energy in the native’s life. These people can also tend to feel pressure or driven by their professional expectations. A strong desire to prove oneself will come with Saturn/Vulcanus energy.

As mentioned earlier with Venus there can be a magnetic attraction and with Jupiter a person can feel forced to their own good fortune.

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  1. Steven Davis permalink

    Regarding Vulcanus speed, did you mean .32 per year? Roughly half a degree?

  2. Omar permalink

    What about vulcanus conjunct midheaven and opposite sun

    • Realize that on a dial Vulcanus/Midheaven/Sun will be in the same spot. Vulcanus is (have tos) so there is a tendency to burn oneself out. With this said, often people will feel depressed by they are simply “burnt out.”” It is also someone who has physical strength, particularly in aspect to the Sun. Midheaven is the career/social status/Future. Many pressures related to career/future. Here again native puts a great deal of importance on Vitality.

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