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Poseidon the last of the Eight Transneptunians or Uranian Planets (TNPs)

March 29, 2017

Poseidon known in Mythology as the God of the Seas (another name would be Neptune) and just as in the names the energy of Poseidon is very much like that of Neptune but on steroids. The biggest difference is that Poseidon does not share the negative energy of Neptune (such as deception.)

Poseidon’s keywords would be spirituality, light, clarity, media and propaganda. Poseidon is often associated with education as well as higher spirituality. Metaphysics comes under the energy of Poseidon. There can be great inspirations with transits or aspects of Poseidon. There is also a great focus on the truth and what that truth is in any situation. Mirrors and the idea of transparency are also related to the energy associated with Poseidon. The sign that Poseidon is closely associated with is Pisces which Neptune is the natural ruler. In viewing the glyph used for Poseidon it is the sign of Pisces on it’s side.

Poseidon moves .29 degrees a year and takes 720 years to complete it’s cycle around the Sun. Like all TNPs it moves slowly. Right now Poseidon is 12 degrees of Scorpio. It will be about six years till Poseidon comes to the Aries Point where it can felt in the world in general.

When Poseidon is in aspect or transit to the Sun it can make a person persuasive. The Sun person can strongly identify with an ideology. Here a person will live by their ideology. This energy is associated with inspirations. Unlike Vulcanus Poseidon can make the physical body more fragile in part because there is more receptivity with Poseidon.

In aspect or transit to Saturn can indicate conservatism or even a disciplinarian approach to religion or ideology. With Saturn there could be an attraction to organized religion with strict rules and guidelines. They can train or discipline their minds with this energy.

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