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Admetus, the Next Transneptunian or Uranian Planet

March 24, 2017

Admetus keywords would be stone, immoveable, stuck, persevering, firm, shrinking or getting smaller and things like getting to the bottom of a situation are all energies that describe Admetus. Admetus is stable but it can also signify delays and obstacles.

Like all the other TNPs (Transneptunians) Admetus moves slowly, it only moves.35 degrees a year so it takes 617 years to complete a full cycle. The astrologer Arlene Kramer talks of how Admetus is closely related to the energy of the sign of Taurus. The earthy quality of stability and steadfastness found in the sign of Taurus is the essence of the Admetus energy.

Slow and steady wins the race is the energy of Admetus. Admetus on the Ascendant makes an individual big and strong. Built like a brick house could have been inspired by an Admetus energy. A person who has Admetus conjunct the Sun either via the natal chart or by transit can find that there is a steadfastness and a stability that comes with that energy. There can be a need to go within oneself which can create it’s own intensity.

The idea of shunning comes to mind when you think of the combination of Saturn to Admetus. When someone experiences Saturn in conjunction to Admetus as a very isolating energy. This is the essence of being that can feel limiting. Demands tend to feel heavy and restrictive, the idea of being between a rock and a hard place can be described through this energy. Delays and obstacles are the norm when these two energies combine.

Like all energies there is a good and a bad side to Admetus. The obvious is that it is restrictive and filled with obstacles and delays but it also allows a person to dig their heels in and to be and remain firm to persevere through whatever situation life will bring you.


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