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Asteroid Studies Continued!

March 21, 2017

In my eagerness to educate the world on just how affective asteroids are in our work as astrologers I am continuing to use the predictive New Moon March 27th, 2017 Chart to study those little rocks.

As a practicing astrologer the addition of Asteroids and Transneptunians has provided so much detail to my work that I don’t understand why more astrologers are not using them.  They take ordinary and sometimes very general astrology readings and add so much flavor and detail it not only knocks the socks off of the clients but it surprises me as well.

In honor of my teacher Martha Lang Wescott and all the research and work she has done for the asteroids, as well as the many other astrologers taking the plunge, I feel it important to write, share and educate all those that I can that the addiction of these little rocks in your work can triple the value of what you “see.” Much more information than was previously gained by staying with the traditional western astrology.

Like we as human beings continue to grow and evolve, so does astrology.  The more mankind discovers in the sky the more layers we have to work with as astrologers.  Remember “as above, so below.” 

Using this month’s New Moon Chart I thought we would look to the Sun/Moon’s axis for a look at all the asteroids that fall there and the conversations that are happening between them.  The Sun/Moon falls at 7.37 Capricorn.  Since this work takes place on a dial and not a wheel that point = 7.37 Cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn).  Across the way = 22.37 Fixed (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio). The arms which cross this line are 0.07 Fixed (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio) and 15.07 Mutable (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius).  So anything from your own natal chart that falls at any one of these four points will be directly affected by that Sun position.  More on the dial:

Indirectly we all have these points in our charts so the houses these points fall into will indicate where you will experience this energy. 

Starting off with the Sphinx (questions) conjunct Mony (currency) = Hubris (fate) could have one not only asking questions about money (or missing information involving money, but that it feels so “fated.”  As though there is an expectation that information is missing.  We expected this, after all?

Add in the Transneptunian Vulcanus (pressure) + Psyche (intuition, pain, particularly emotional pain) = Dolores (Ill-health, weakened body)- Dolero (Money, currency) This can indicate the pressures of finance can be physically debilitating but remember if one gets ill, they often cannot make money only adding pressure.

With Psyche, Dolores and Dolero all retrograde they will not be acting normally or the personal/emotional reactions could be scattered. More on retrogrades can be found at 

The fact that Aurora (early mornings/Scattered energy) is also in the axis with these retrograde energies can also help to make things a bit crazier.  Early mornings will be featured this month, perhaps as a way to get a jump on your days. 

It will be important to be mindful of financial transactions overall with Wake (conscious) =Peyo (pay) + Isis (pieces/siblings) payments that are done in pieces can also come to your attention.  Money that is given or lent to siblings could also come to your attention right now.  A conscious effort to divide up money or pay between siblings could also come to your attention.

There could be pressures to pay medical bills with this energy.  So many ways to use this energy so many ways to alter the conversations, but the overall message it to “watch money” and pay attention to how pressure and stress affect health issues. 






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