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Apollon; The next Transneptunian (TNP)

March 15, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt
The energy of Apollon is like Jupiter on steroids. That is to say it is in general an expansion energy. Keywords that apply to Apollon are commerce/business, more than one spreading out, many. This TNP is associated with success in business. In a chart when it comes up with another planet or personal it can indicate what kind of business. With the Moon it not only talks of a successful or working mother but it can also indicate money many in real estate.

For the most part one can look to Apollon to see where success is possible but it can also, like Jupiter indicate more than one, such as more than one problem. With Saturn it can indicate more than one responsibility or restriction. Even more than one separation. This would be seen as a separation from many.

Apollon moves .37 degrees a year and it takes 576 years to complete it’s orbit around the Sun. As with all the TNPs it moves very slowly and aspects to Apollon go on for years at a time. Right now Apollon is 1 degree of Scorpio having changed signs from Libra to Scorpio in the last several years. Remember it has been in Libra for almost 50 years. Ironic that during this time the idea of love and relationship (Libra ruled by Venus) into a business Apollon, through all those new dating services. This is but one way we can see this energy at play.

Since the energy of Jupiter is very similar to the energy of Apollon there can be a tendency to get involved in things which can lead to success. But with Apollon it tends to be more than an optimistic attitude that helps one get there it is due to the idea of “more than one.” Success happens because there are many opportunities. But this can also indicate more than one issue or problem as well. With Jupiter there is a fear of over-reaching or over-doing. There are similarities but there are also subtle differences.

A person who is born with the Sun in conjunction to Apollon is often very good in business or in business activities he or she is likely to find recognition. In all likelihood they got there through their ability to multitask or take on more than one responsibility at a time. But the real master of multitasking is the conjunction to Mars. Now when Apollon conjuncts Saturn by transit you could become more structured more managerial. But in this case all those demands could make a person feel isolated and lonely. Opportunities come with limitations and restrictions.

I leave this this on this note, Apollon/Urania=astrology business. A clear example of Apollon in action.

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