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Kronos, the Next Transneptunian

March 10, 2017

Kronos represents father time, so it can deal with timing factors. Keywords here are authority, Leader, laws, opinions, bureaucracy, tall, high up, competence and the government. Kronos represents our authority, in some cases it can indicate how much of an authority or leader we will be become in our lifetime. My teacher Martha Lang Westcott has pointed out that if Kronos is retrograde in a native’s chart, that person will always have doubts about their abilities no matter how good they are at what they do.

Kronos in a natal chart can also indicate how one not only handles being an authority but how they might relate to those in authority. Arlene Kramer on her site talks of how Kronos and Zeus were in a square to one another from 1900 till 1970. This is an indication of war and during that time two world wars occurred. Fortunately she points out the square is getting farther away. This does reinforce once again how slowly the Transneptunians move. The cycle of Kronos takes 521 years to orbit the Sun. It moves .48 a year. It moves only 6 seconds slower than Zeus which is why they stayed in square for so many years.

When there is a strong aspect between Kronos and the Sun in a birth chart it can indicate a leader. This can also indicate that someone is tall. Generally these people do well with those who are their leaders or authority figures. When Kronos is in aspect to Saturn in the birth chart it can be an indication of a career that is filled with deadlines and responsibility. For this person there can be issues with responsibility or those in charge.

By transit Kronos can indicate having to deal with those in authority. If someone is ill often Kronos will show up at the Descendant. Kronos in aspect to the Sun can indicate a time of not only dealing with those in authority but it is about your own credibility. The same can be said for Saturn. During a transit Kronos could be asking you to deal with deadlines or procedures that are burdensome but a necessary part of the process.

By studying Kronos or any of the Transneptunians can be very enlightening and can add detail to your charts.

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