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Zeus another Transneptunian (TNP)

March 7, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

We have already discussed both Cupido and Hades. Now we move on to Zeus. Some keywords we can use for Zeus might be seed, machinery or tool, combustion and guns. Zeus is about controlled energy. It is creative and dynamic. It can indicate leadership. The Military or military matters are a good way to describe the energy of Zeus because their gunfire is controlled and well aimed, two things that apply to Zeus. Zeus can be said to be inspiration.

Zeus moves .48 degrees a year and can take 455 years to orbit the Sun. Like the rest of the TNPs Zeus doesn’t move very fast. Zeus is presently 18 degrees of Libra. It has been dancing around with Jupiter recently therefore it is not surprise that there could be more emphasis on military matters, whether here or abroad. Jupiter represents both things that are foreign and the idea of expansion. By transit when the Moon or Sun are affected by Zeus there is an opportunity to be more productive. With these two in aspect there might be a need to be sure that we are not going overboard.

Is someone was born with the Sun conjunct Zeus could be athletic due to the body awareness. These can be creative people but there is also tendency to use restraint in order to achieve their goals. This gives the Sun much enthusiasm. It can also work the same way with the conjunction of the moon but in this position it can also be referring to how the native see’s their mother. In a woman’s chart it can of course refer to her.

With Mars aspects there is an ability to harness or train physical energies. This is great for athletes in particular. There is an ability to inspire passion or anger. By transit this can make a person feel more enthusiastic. It can indicate a need to get more organized.

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