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Transneptunians continued (TNP)

March 3, 2017


By Colleen Schmidt

The last article mentioned Cupido the TNP of relationships and associations.  These TNPs move slowly and in the case of Cupido can take 1 year to move less than one and a half degrees.  This means that it does not move much in a generation and all the people in that time period are experiencing a similar Cupido energy.  This will be true of whatever TNP we are discussing.  This means that Cupido will be very similar to all people in similar generations or age groups.

Cupido is something that will be strong in a marriage chart or the chart of an artist.  Those who have strong family connections or bonds can also be seen in the aspects of Cupido.  Just to give a few examples, the Sun conjunct Cupido is someone who is group or family or oriented and is very likely an artist or of an artistic nature.  When Saturn is conjunct Cupido, family or group activities could be seen as a burden or a restriction.  Self-discipline and structure could have been ingrained in the thinking of the native.  In a Transit Saturn to Cupido could indicate a separation from a home, family or group.

Continuing on with Hades which also moves only about 1 degree a year and can take up to 360 years to complete its rotation around the Sun. This point in space indicates deterioration and aging.  Its keywords could read antiques, deterioration, dirt, garbage, illness, poverty, mistakes just to name a few.  These are the more negative interpretations, though it can also be associated with details or the “nuts and bolts” it can be depth and things like past lives.

Hades is presently running at 6 degrees of Cancer not far from another TNP Kronos.  We will talk about the combination of these two energies when we take on the TNP Kronos.  Hades can also deal with the stomach or digestion in particular particularly when in combination with Pluto.  Hades conjunct the Sun can often be found in the chart of “junk” collectors or those who work in the construction industry.  The combination of the Sun and Hades is also an energy that tends to indicate stomach or digestion problems since the Sun also relates to health of the body.

Hades in combination to the Moon can also indicate digestive problems or issues since Moon is also associated with Foods.  Hades here can also indicate “bad food.”  If this conjunction is in the natal or birth chart there can be issues related to memories and the feelings these memories provoke can be tied to the past.  This can also cause the native to have struggles with depression as the Hades energy can keep the thoughts negativeimg010.

By transit Hades to the Moon can indicate sad, malicious, lonely or ill woman. At times this can also indicate “single” women.  When it involved a transit of Saturn there can be limitations and delays where things can appear to be going downhill.  It can also be a time when someone could be depressed because of pain.  It can also represent things like limitations or restrictions due to age or deterioration.

Someone who is born with Hades in a strong position can be an authority on antiques.  There could be a strong desire to do things like computer programming or digging in a garden.  A person who is has a cleaning company and doctors and nurses often have strong Hades.

All too often it is easy to see the negative in energy such as Hades but we would then be selling out Hades and ourselves.  Hades can also indicate how well we do with things like dirt and bacteria.  Remembering that a little bit of dirt is good for us and we all need the good bacteria.


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