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The Uranian Planets (The Transneptunians)

March 1, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt060

Transneptunians (also known as TNPs) are often referred to as the hypothetical planets as there is no real evidence of their existence. They were a discovery of Alfred Witte and the Uranian School of Astrology in Hamburg Germany. They were identified as mathematical spots in space. There are still those who feel we will eventually find that something does exist in those spots, but this has yet to happen. However, use of the TNPs continues to grow. These points do affect each of our lives as well as our charts.

The TNPs move very slowly, so they are most effective when we read them in very close orb, generally not much more than a degree. I find it may be closer to a thirty-minute orb personally though I have seen and felt the effects coming into a TNP even earlier.

There is still an ongoing debate between astrologers regarding the use of TNPs and those who still refuse to use them in their work. But for me, they add insight and detail to my work. This will be true no matter what TNP you are looking at, as it adds eight new energies for us to learn and to understand in our lives as well as in our own natal charts. Hades conjunct the Moon, for example, can indicate emotional depression, or a depressed woman. Put a sign on it and you can even tell the flavor of that depression.

This article will be the beginning of a series of articles on The Transneptunians (TNP).  There are eight of these what are sometime referred to as hypothetical planets.  They are based in mathematical points in space. They are Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidon.

Starting with Cupido keywords here might be family, art associations.  Actually Cupido is any association where people are connected or related to one another.  Everything from family matters to associations such as nursing all come under the association of Cupido.  Cupido is strong in marriage charts as well as the charts of artists.  Cupido can also be things like neighborhoods and societies.  It represents the idea of community.  Housing can also be associated with Cupido.

Every chart has Cupido in it.  Astrologer Arlene Kramer talks of how Cupido is a Venus on steroids.  She combines the energy of Venus with Jupiter when thinking about the energy of Cupido.  She explains that Venus is beauty but Cupido is art. **    Cupido moves only 1.23 degrees a year and takes 262 years to orbit the Sun.  All the TNPs have long cycles taking hundreds of years to complete their orbit around the Sun.

Presently Cupido is 28 degrees of Sagittarius with Saturn right on the heels of Cupido and will be dancing over Cupido coming very close in April before it retrogrades only to come back later in the year by December 2017 Saturn once again comes to sit right on top of Cupido and will hit Cupido again in the year 2018 until Saturn moves into the sign of Capricorn.

This will come to our attention in many ways.  One of the areas we might notice this is with our bosses or leaders and the impact they will have on what is going on. This energy requires validation.  It can give a degree of self-discipline and structure.  This energy will increase our separative tendencies.  With Saturn here there could be an increased responsibility to the family, group or association.  This placement can also involve real estate dealings.  So in the next year these are a few things that are very likely to come to our attention a time or two particularly as we head into  2018.

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