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New Moon Predictions for February 26, 2017

February 24, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES:  Be wary of impulsive actions this month Aries with Uranus running with Mars. This can also translate to surprisingly aggressive friends or associates. Compassion is needed in parent child relations right now.  It also seems that it will be important to pay attention to both financial issues as well as relationships. Sometimes when getting or receiving advice from experts there can be a “cold stare” involved.  It may be important to take a “harder line” at this time. There could be a need to take a risk and plunge into something this month.

TAURUS:  This is a month when you will listen to your intuition and remain firm.  You could be involved in some sort of makeover and land or matters related to land could be the focus. It will come to your awareness that people can be self-destructive through eating things that are bad for them or in their inability to take care of themselves. This is also a good month to eat foods that are good for your brain or your memory. (Salmon anyone?) There could be advantages through new information that was not previously known.

GEMINI:  You might or others could lose sleep this month due to issues related to helping someone close, maybe even related to finances.  The lesson here is about boundaries and how they are important in particular with those we love.  The truth can be very scattered this month, it may be important to do your own fact checking.  Also look for those endings that happen with a BANG.  Lies or Lying will also come to your attention this month.  In some cases people could end up alone as a result of a lie or they are lying in order to be alone?

CANCER:  There could be some questions regarding money this month. Opportunity to stop something this month could be featured.  But there could be opportunities that come to nothing as well.  There could be some pessimism related to work or goals right now. It could be the result of things being slow right now.  Being fair whether you or other people will also come to you attention this month. The problem being that with things being slow there could be a concern that someone or something could be made a “patsy.”

LEO:  Generally not the favorite time of year, this month features the idea of co-dependency.  Co-dependency could come to your attention whether it is the dependent party in the relationship or the enabler.  It also mentions how when people are dependent on others there is a tendency to feel “held captive.” Then again the one everyone depends on can also feel “captive.”  Partnerships will come to your attention as well as the fact that relationships can also involve things like scorekeeping.  This is also a good time to watch expenses.

VIRGO:  This month features the idea of being alone or going off on your own.  It also highlights contacts and connections that can be made when one is on their own.  It will be important to protect yourself this month as there seems to be many serious issues this month to deal with.  It can be important to withdraw and take some time off from the daily grind.  Though it feels important to be able to express yourself this month, there will be times when this will feel difficult to do.

LIBRA:  Boundaries are important this month particularly the boundaries related to a house or home.  There are times that feel difficult during this month but animals or the being in nature can have a strong positive effect.  Overall there can be opportunities for expansion if you take them.  The problem can be that in feeling satisfied there is possibility you or others could let the opportunity slip by.  There is also a need to watch for overindulging or over doing something because there is a great deal of optimism.

SCORPIO:  The fact that some people are very clever particularly when it comes to large amounts of money will come to your attention this month.  Certain difficult victories can have surprising results.  This is a month to create logical strategies and structures.  This month also features beginnings that are not very credible. As a result people will be bonding to create or relate to intrigues and complications.   With that said complications and intrigues can also lead to over-reactions and these over reactions can be very negative and even evil.

SAGITTARIUS:  This can be a very productive month for you Sag, but it can also be hard on your body and your health so be wary.  By the time you are aware of this is could be a situation that ends up being a little too little and a little too late.  Being so busy at work will often feel burdensome to you overall this month.  It could also come to your attention this month that the when someone is good to someone else it can often lead into a co-dependent situation.  Special precautions could be put into place because of travel or those who are traveling such as travel restrictions.

CAPRICORN:  The fact that things are not so easily resolved will be an issue this month.  There could also be a focus on news or media that comes from or is about the computer.  It also seems that looking back at the past relates to placing blame or the fact that people just “do” things could also be to blame.  It seems to talk of the idea of smiles that are just for show.  Control issues or power struggles can also appear to be for show. The month also features solving problems or issues related to financial matters.

AQUARIUS:  It will be important to be very aware and mindful when dealing with money.  It will be hard to know when to speak out or speak up because so much information is not yet known.  This is a time when you might take some chances it will be fine because you still manage to keep your feet on the ground.  Pay attention to your gut, but that also includes watching how food affects your stomach literally.  Facial features also come to your attention this month, particularly the ability to “see” when someone is sick.

PISCES:  News right now can be very discouraging.  At times it can feel a bit oppressive though this is your time of the year when you normally feel more secure and confident. Once clarity sets in and the world looks clearer it will get batter. Be wary of your pride and matters that relate to your pride.  Your intuition is very good this month even so things will not go exactly as you thought they would.  This month features decisions as well as achieving that peace of mind that will help make it all make sense.



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