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An Opportunity to Learn

February 14, 2017

Colleen Schmidt

We are coming to a time when the Sun and the South Node will meet.  For those who by birth, born around Feb 21st will be hit the hardest when South Node and the Sun come together.  But the rest of us will very likely feel this energy as well. The conjunction happens at 3 degrees of Pisces and at the very least those who are not directly affected are also not likely to have an energized day.  This is an energy that can feel oppressive.  Timing could be off maybe you or others will run late or not be able to make it at all when it comes to appointment or meetings.

Considering this is happening between two eclipses (the Lunar on Feb. 10th and the Solar on Feb. 26th) and the eclipses are asking us to grow up and to evolve as people, this day of oppression could035 be just what is needed for us to realize something’s are worth letting go of. That making decisions to continue in situations and circumstances that oppress us is not in our best interest.  The eclipse demands change and the oppression of the Sun/South Node conjunction reminds us why change is so necessary.  It is a reminder that so often things have to be bad before people can do what they know they should.

The good part of this energy and there is a silver lining, it can help us to discover talents and abilities we never knew we had. The South Node is that energy we all fall back on, that familiar road.  If we continue to use the same road and do the same things over and over we never grow or move on.  To really learn the lesson of the South Node is to learn that you no longer need the old ways or the old behaviors.  It reminds us that it is time to direct our energy to the opposite Node, the North Node.  Here are the new energies and new experiences we have yet to discover.  The North Node is where the promise lies.

Since the conjunction is the to Sun energy, (though it will also be in conversation with many planets that are affected by the 3 degree mutable energy) the Sun represents our wants, it is an “I am” type energy that we all so strongly identify.  Perhaps one way to handle this energy is to focus not yourself and your own needs but use that Pisces energy to have compassion for someone less fortunate than yourself, someone who might be going through some life difficulty.  Focusing on yourself would not be the best way to use this energy unless you were using this time to withdraw, stay home in your PJs and let the day run its course.

The North Node would be 3 degrees of Virgo a sign of service.  Being of service is a great way to help others and could be just the ticket to helping us discover those latent talents and abilities. Not to mention being of service to others is a way to take our focus off ourselves.

This is an energy that happens once a year but have we ever stopped to notice and if we did notice are we using this energy to its maximum potential?  One day a year to just take it easy spending our time understanding the lesson that the stars are trying to teach us.

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