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Sun at 15 degrees Aquarius = the Aries Point.

February 2, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

In honor of February 3, 2017 being a day that lines up with the Aries Point, it is a great time to work with some predictive techniques.  Once again the Aries Point represents the outer world in everyone’s chart.   Much of what we will discuss in this post will likely show up throughout your day.  This will show up if not through your own life, through the life of those around you.  The media, news or television are great ways  to watch the energies manifest.

Starting with the Midpoints for that day, Siva and Juno two asteroids form a midpoint right to the Aries Point. Siva can be associated with rages or even withdrawing from something.  It can also deal with destruction or de-structure. Juno is partnerships, fairness and expenses.  With this energy you can expect to be aware of those season payments or bills that come due this time of the year.  But it is also about how destructive relationships can be, so we could also be witnessing the issues in or within relationship or partnerships.  You could also witness those who are raging because of what they feel is an injustice.

With the Transneptunian Zeus/Neptune one can feel very unsuccessful with regard to their work or getting work done.  Zeus is contained or restrained energy also associated with “seeds” it is fire or drive can also be seen as inflammation.  Neptune is nebulous and unclear. Neptune can also be compassion as well as being associated with unseen and spiritual matters.  So the energy of Zeus (excitement) might feel in vain today.

Hades, the Transneptunian and Saturn can also refer to losses.  In this case it can relate to ailments of the body.  Hades represents history or what is from the past.  But it also relates to deterioration.  Saturn is restrictions and burdens/tasks.  Saturn is also associated with the bones.  A statement you might here would be, “These old bones!”

Mars and Saturn also form a midpoint at the Aries Point can indicate restricted actions or cause personal difficulties.  Mars for action and aggression and Saturn for restrictions and burdens, Saturn also associated with lessons.  One can also look at this as difficult actions or actions that could be related to endings or restrictions.

Here the Sun also conjuncts Kalypso (for unknown information), and Mien (facial expressions).  So days when not all information is going to be known and this fact could show up on people’s faces.  The idea of “blank stares” comes to mind.

Since Zeus the asteroid (for inflammation) is running with Valentine (blood or love) both in the Axis of the Aries Point, or Sun.  Maybe someone is excited about a love affair.  But then again look for inflammations related to heart or blood.  Realizing this energy refers to “hot” love affairs when you add it to the Siva/Juno we started with and the idea of destructive relationships might be a great time to see a Hot Sexually Romantic Movie like “50 Shades of Gray!” That might be a great way to use this energy.

In this axis there are several other factors to pull out and play with.  It talks of pressures to expand or bring about improvement, Vulcano/Jupiter.  Things like pressure to educate or to go to the doctors could be a good way to see this energy at play.  Also the idea of how when people depend on other people (Eurydike) they can end up alone or on their own (Persephone) both of these energies are retrograde or appear to be going backwards which gives an erratic quality to this energy. The energy tends not to work the way we expect.  For example one doesn’t even realize this is going on until it happens.

This just touches on all that falls into this axis but it does give us an idea of how this all works when you put it together.


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