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Notes from the Lunar Eclipse: Feb. 10, 2017

January 23, 2017

By:  Colleen Schmidt

Notes for the New Moon Eclipse dated:  February 10, 2017 (22.28 Leo/Aquarius)  I think it will be informative and fun to use the dial technique on this Month’s Lunar Eclipse.  Those who are still not sure how to work with a dial please use this helpful link  Starting with the basic math 22.28 Leo/Aquarius can also be 22.28 Taurus/Scorpio, using the 22.30 which is one quarter of 90 degrees.  (We are working with a 90 degree dial here)  {**Per the above article:  90 degrees would be one quarter the 360 degree chart!}   Brings us to 14.58 Mutable (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces & Virgo) and add another 22.30 degrees it comes to 7.28 Cardinal (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries & Libra) finally adding the 22.30 to end up at 29.58 Cardinal (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries & Libra).

These now represent the four arms of the dial for the Sun/Moon eclipse.  This means that if you have anything within one degree of any of these points:  22.28 Fixed, 14.58 Mutable, 7.28 Cardinal and 29.58 Cardinal; you are directly being influenced by the eclipse.

Some of the conversations here speak of “just rewards” (Tisiphone) and pressures (Vulcanus) that come with those rewards.  There could be issues with expenses or a sense of fairness (Hera) in situations where one feels as if they are being held for ransom (Ransome). Credibility (Credo) is also important, even if it feels that this may not be going to occur right now (NOT).  Listen to your inner voice, intuitions, and dreams (Hekate) in order to makeover (Makeover) those parts of your life that don’t seem to pay (Peyo).  Finding and maintaining peace of mind (Requiem) can help you champion (Champion) the pressures (Vulcanus) of marriage or partnership (Hera, Banno) as well during the next thirty days.

We continue with inter-asteroid conversations…as Nemesis/Tisiphone is in the axis there is a sense of needing something to blame, perhaps wanting to get even in some way.  Only it will be difficult to place blame.  Remember that blaming someone or something is a way to get revenge. But here again this will be tough to discern.

Hera/Vulcanus can indicate pressures related to finances, partnerships and the idea of fairness.  There could be a pressure to keep financial records.  In some situations, keeping score can cause its own pressure. On another level this energy of Vulcanus with Hera can also indicate meetings with people who feel fated or drawn to one another.

With Hekate/Tisiphone energies, the thrill of revenge can be a strong affect, particularly to those who seek it.  In your dreams there could be a place to find the wisdom about revenge or justice.

Overall there seems to be a great deal of peace and acceptance right now (Requiem). But sometimes peace can be the result of justice, (Tisiphone) even if it comes a little too little and a little too late (Lilliputina), or so it seems.



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