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New Moon Predictions for January 28, 2017

January 20, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

ARIES:  Having strong reactions is one way to cut things short this month!  Advice is also featured this month, so a great time to visit a doctor or dentist.  It is also possible that YOU will be asked for advice.  Be especially wary of things that are out of control or risky this month.  Car or vehicle issues could come to your attention if you or someone close to you gets excited and purchases a vehicle.  This month features the idea of “just rewards” and all that can mean. There is also an awareness of destructive relationships or couples.

TAURUS:  This month, you can win the day through charm and using your mind.  There could be photos showing you more information than you previously had.  You and perhaps others are working at getting to the bottom of something. This is a good time to pay attention to your dreams and intuitions. All of this could keep you from sleeping well however, as it seems the information and/or the insights you gain are saved in your head and come back to you in the night hours.  Even though some makeovers may appear to be “occurring backwards”, they are still happening.

GEMINI:  Boundaries will be very important this month, particularly with those you love.  Be mindful of your boundaries especially when you decide when and when not to help others.  The truth is also a focus this month.  You may be checking on things to find out what that truth is. You might be dealing with someone going through a painful chaotic situation. There is a strong awareness of endings, particularly those endings that either leave one to go it alone or result in the end of being alone.

CANCER:  There could be some issues related to money and whether or not people are telling the truth.  There is a need to ask questions.   There could be missing information or things that are not known. This can cause its own issues.  There could also be an opportunity to stop something, even if only temporarily.  Work and issues related to your professional life could be causing you to have sleep issues.  There could be a sense of gloom and doom but it is also possible you will witness an abuse of power.

LEO:  This month could be about seeking a “patsy” because things seem very slow or feel that way.  Co-dependencies may come to your awareness; the idea being that one entity or individual is dependent while another is enabling that dependency.  Depending on others can put people into co-dependent situations but it can also make people feel that they are being held captive and held for ransom. This would be true whether it was the dependent person in the relationship or the enabler of the situation.

VIRGO:  This is a time of making contacts and connections but it is also likely that is not what you are focusing on.  There is a tendency to be “dizzy” about things.  This “dizzy” can be literally as well as figuratively true, so be wary.  There may be some issue with having to be alone or go it alone.  It might simply be that you are not able to find time to be alone.  Your intuition is still functioning even if it feels a bit off.  All of this may inspire you to protect yourself and “cover your butt”.

LIBRA:  Boundaries are important this month, whether yours or someone else’s. Prejudices could also come to your attention. There is a focus on a building, home or vacation home.  Pressure to expand or to travel could cause some complaining.  There could also be money complaints.  Someone could be very clever and allow the consequences of their actions fall on someone else.  It will be important to use restraint with regard to all that is going on.

SCORPIO:  Surprising victories could be yours this month. It is important to create structures for all the things going on right now in order to handle them all properly. Some of this could be related to your body and physical goals.  Using logic or things like astrology can be very effective as this is the time to be strategic.  New beginnings don’t seem credible, and it may take bonding with others to deal with those complications.  Over-reactions are possible this month as a result of the evil or what feels bad to you.

SAGITTARIUS:  This can be a very productive time—but this can make things scattered.  Early mornings are highlighted, yet it helps to start earlier when things are busy.  Body image is a focus but the internal health of the body also comes to your attention whether it is you or someone close to you.  Treating other people well or being kind can lead to co-dependent situations.  Be aware of that fact, more aware of it this month than usual.  Tasks, responsibilities and burdens seem to be on-going and never resolved. Scorekeeping and expenses can also be issues this month.

CAPRICORN:  The month features intense communications.  Many problems and issues can find resolutions in the next month with emphasis on the evening being highlighted.  The idea of “pretending” will present itself this month, so do pay attention to your gut.   Remember that some of those who come at you with smiling faces are not what they seem.  Now it can also be that you are running into someone who is sneering, so that smile isn’t a smile at all.   Paying attention to money is useful, but be sure to apply restraint with regard to spending.

AQUARIUS:  The New Moon is in your sign this month and so you can feel greater self-satisfaction and confidence.  There can be situations involving siblings.  This can also manifest as those times when you or others are interrupted so much that things have to be done in pieces.  You could be dealing with situations that so much is unknown that it will be hard to speak out or speak up.  Sometimes it IS necessary to be a little selfish.  Intuition should be paid attention to this month.   Things are happening but maybe not exactly as you thought.  When things seem to be getting crazy or out of control, then it is a good time to turn to the spiritual in order to gain a better perspective for yourself.

PISCES:  Decisions feel strongly fated this month.  At times you may feel that you are going crazy or losing your mind.  This month can be an oppressive time where timing might feel off. There can be peace of mind but only after things are done more than once, or so it seems.  However, there will be strategies employed that will ultimately lead you to a better place.   There is a stronger awareness of compassion for those who are different or for those who just don’t seem to “fit” as a couple or partnership.   Despite the lack of clarity you may be experiencing this month, you do have the energy to aggressively move yourself forward.



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