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More Lessons from the Aries Point! (January 17, 2017)

January 17, 2017

By Colleen Schmidt

Continuing to follow the Aries Point (0 degree of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) in any chart talks of what is going on in the world at large whatever that means to you. At the very least you can notice these energies through the press and other news that might be going on around you. For further information check out this article from the website…s-it-mean-for-us/

Today there are several interesting asteroids presented through the Aries Point.  Jupiter is there along with a handful of asteroids.  With Jupiter there is a sense of optimism and expansion.  However, this optimistic planet can also cause people to be too optimistic and as a result there will be a tendency to eat or drink too much.  Doing things in excess can also cause problems with Jupiter in the axis.  Jupiter is about expansion but expansion of WHAT?  That will depend how good or bad the results will be.

Also in the Aries Point with Jupiter in the axis along with Banno, one has to ask about the expansion of partnerships or marriages.  It may be that one partner is happy with things the way they are but the other is NOT.  Not is also one of the asteroids here and it tells us there is some issue with credibility.  Someone’s credit is in question.  Here the presidential issues of foreign involvement (Jupiter) can bring up issues of credibility.  With the asteroid Poseidon here there is a need for clarity, truth and enlightenment/education.  The other issue is the idea of speaking out.  Knowing when to speak out or when not to speak out will also be in question right now.  How much can you say before your own credibility is in question with the asteroid CREDO in this mix?

Things will tend to feel scattered with Eos in the axis.  Early mornings may be the only way to get ahead of the game.  Taking time to be on your own can be helpful.  There may be some other issues that will require you take some time off or withdraw to be on your own (Siwa & Proserpina).  Again if we were to look at this related to our political issue, people are beginning to get ready for either the inauguration or they are attending the protest the next day.  With Jupiter in the axis expect to have many attending both events.  With the protests we see people using their right to speak out with Hidalgo in the axis.   There is also a health asteroid here so be weary of doing or saying too much that it could come back to you and affect your health or well-being.  Also watch for those times when someone does speak up or speak out but it is a little too little and a little too late. (Lilliputina)  With Ganymed there is an awareness of co-dependency and Berlind which indicates dyslexia can also indicate that issues could be the result of things being backward (or going backwards).

Also look to those events or situations where people feel they are on their own or all alone.  This is but a sampling of things that can transpire over the next several days.  Keep an eye open for these special rocks and all they might have to say to you during this time.

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