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Lessons via the Aries Point

January 6, 2017

Poster1by Colleen Schmidt

Looking at what lies today 1/6/17 in the Aries Point (World at large) and what asteroids can be found there can be a wonderful way to learn about the subtleties of these little rocks.  The details they can provide for the astrology charts is so great that asteroid astrologers end up learning to read dials where you can see much more in a glimpse.

Using the dial method the four arms of the Aries Point, it is a 90 degree dial which is the 360 chart folded into quarters, we have 0.00 Cardinal and 22.30 Cardinal (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra)15 degree fixed (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio) 7.30 degrees Mutable (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces). As the four arms of the dial are the quarter points of 90 degrees.

With Arachne/Ophelia running together = Sappho:  Being drug into something because of your friends or associates could be the result of an over-reaction.  Intrigues in general bring over-reactions right now.  Arachne is intrigues but it is also things like the Internet reminding us that over-reactions (Ophelia) can affect the relationship with others (Sappho=Bonding).

Jupiter is in the mix and this can give optimism to a situation but it can also indicate things could be over-done.  Jupiter is expansion with Arachne it could be causing complications.  Jupiter can also tell you that over-reactions could be way over the top.  Some of this could be related to authority figures since (Kron) is in the lineup.  Truth the asteroid also shows up here as does Siva & Siwa for destruction or with draw.  With Niobe in this mix for ego, one has to ask what authority figure has trouble with the truth due to their ego.  How does this complicate things? (Arachne) These conversations are going between ALL of the asteroids.  We can break them up in to conversations of two and three but really ALL of the asteroids, planets and Transneptunians that fall here are involved in that conversation.

Just reward (Tisiphone) is here also along with (Kassandra) advice and whether or not someone listens to what is being said.  With Truth here will they believe what they hear?  Is the Just reward (Tisiphone) to with draw (Siva & Siwa) or destroy?  Another big one is the watch for those who come to you smiling, are smiling people sincere? (Smiley) Nostalgia will also be the order of the day, but when we look back are we remembering (Mnemosyne) the truth? Or is it all too complicated and filled with intrigue (Arachne) and over-reactions (Ophelia) to even get to the truth?  And Yes it will all feel very serious to everyone concerned (Lacrimosa).

Just look at the present situation here in USA with the president-elect refusing to believe the intelligence community.  A Kron who is skeptical of the truth, with Arachne talking about the internet combined with the idea of listening, or not listening (Kassandra) and how there has been some “just rewards” (Tisiphone) related to it.  Right down to the diplomats who have been asked to leave (Siva & Siwa) as a “just reward.” Jupiter is also foreign countries! So you can’t get more detailed than that situation.

And all this just touches the surface of all that is going on. Try mix and matching the above asteroids and see how they fit into what is going on in your life and in your greater world.

Working with the asteroids has been part of my astrology since the early 1990s when I met my teacher Martha Lang Wescott who is a leader in the research of asteroids and their use in astrology.   I recommend using asteroids to any student or professional astrologer, if you haven’t started using them already.  They greatly increase the amount of detail one can gleam from the chart, which has impressed not only me as an astrologer but my clientele as well.

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