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Moon Through the sign of Sagittarius

December 26, 2016

By Colleen Schmidt

When we think about the Moon, we think of emotion security, the home, and the mother all things that keep us safe.  With the energy of Sag, safe could have a different feel.  The energy of Sagittarius is very different from the energy of Cancer, which is the ruling energy of the Moon.  The Moon gives us our connection to home, but with Sagittarius home can be anywhere.  Since Sagittarius is also the energy of the traveler and the philosopher. There is a strong need to explore and take adventures to faraway places, even if only in our mind.

During the Moon’s turn through Sagittarius is a great time to do things you haven’t done before, or go places that are new and unusual.  Since Sagittarius is also an outdoor sign, it is good to take advantage and make your outing out of doors if possible to really experience the benefits of this energy.  Sagittarius is also a very generous energy so giving to your favorite charity or taking a friend to dinner can all be good ways to use this Sagittarius energy.

There is a strong desire with the energy of Sagittarius to be more adventurous the Moon is concerned with security which for some might come through stability.  Sagittarius is a mutable sign and therefore it is changeable.  People tend to be more open to change and can be inspired in a moment’s notice.  This is a time when you will also have to be mindful of impulsive buying while the Moon is passing through Sagittarius.  The tendency to go overboard or to over-indulge is also more likely when the Moon is passing through Sagittarius.  There can be a devil may care attitude and though this is wonderful and can make people more optimistic, it can also get one into trouble if they are not mindful.

People born with their Moons in Sagittarius can also be outgoing and adventurous.  The Moon is this sign is very optimistic and generous.  But it is also not the best energy for the Moon.  The Moon represents our Roots and our families.  Sagittarius would rather travel the world and study new plants or animals.  They might find more emotional security while they are away from home or when they are out in the wooded fields. Needless to say the Sagittarius Moon is no doubt it’s best when the Moon returns each month to Sagittarius, as all returning Moons.

Sagittarius is an energy that is also associated with philosophy and higher education, which would make knowledge an element of security to that Sagittarius energy.  During the Moons travels through Sagittarius is a great time to take up a new subject, or go on and make that decision to go back for your degree or study Yoga.  These are all ways to use that energy.  At the very least it might be a good time to pick up a good book, particularly one that takes place in another time or another place.  The Sagittarius energy will be appeased.279

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