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The New Moon Predictions for December 29, 2016

December 15, 2016

By Colleen Schmidt

New Moon: Sun at 7 degrees 59 minutes of Capricorn287

ARIES:  This month may highlight issues with automobiles or vehicles in general.  There could be matters that are out of control to the point where they could feel very self-destructive.  Your mind and/or memories are erratic.  Be wary of the risks this month as winning, achieving goals and seeing just rewards are important BUT you might plunge into something that could be self-destructive or defeating.  This month also highlights marriage and other close partnerships.

TAURUS:  Many times this month will feel fated and predestined, as if you are being tested in some way.  You might sense things are not being done correctly or that they are being done backwards.  You just want to get to the bottom of things and you feel as if you have been enduring a great deal.  Memories could be triggered by photographs.  In fact, memories are an issue this month, yours or someone else’s.  The good news is that you could come across some information that you did not previously have.  Listen to your dreams and your inner voice.

GEMINI:  No matter how important it is to you to get to the truth, truth remains elusive.  You might find that you are checking on getting your own help this month but it is likely that you are checking on helping someone else.  If it is someone close you will remember that no matter how much you love someone, good boundaries must be kept in order to take care of yourself.  Early mornings will be featured this month.  Starting early may lessen or even avoid the fact that things are so scattered right now.

CANCER:  This month, be more aware of the details of situations that are deteriorating.  This could be true in dealings with those who are supposedly the authority.  It will be important to question things because there will be missing information or details about people.  This can cause you more stress overall.  You may have discovered what was an opportunity is either not the opportunity you thought or there really isn’t or wasn’t ever an opportunity.  Lies are featured this month, yours or someone else’s.

LEO:  This month features work or goals as well as distant things.  There could be some pessimism and a sense of gloom and doom, perhaps concerns over privacy issues.  Situations could feel as though they are going slowly, likely from repeated small crisis after crisis.  There could also be more of an awareness of how co-dependency works and how difficult it can be to be so dependent on other people.  It can make you or others feel that you are captive in some way.  Fairness and the idea of whether or not someone is made a “patsy” will come to your attention.

VIRGO:  Though you seem to be making many new contacts and connections now and many are positive for you, you are still going through a lesson of learning how to go it alone and make sure you can do it for yourself.  Ultimately you could take an opportunity to withdraw for a time, maybe only a few days off or perhaps several weeks away.  There could be enough sad or serious situations right now for you to engage a protection system.  Listen to your intuition–particularly when you experience things causing you emotional pain.

LIBRA:   Buildings are highlighted this month, so perhaps even your home, and with that said boundaries will also come to your attention.  There could also be issues related to “prejudice” that will show up.  Certainly you will be feeling some pressure this month Libra, times when you or others will tend to be compulsive.  When you say “why God me,” then you likely will set up your own protection system.  Issues with money or things that cost money could arise but you can be more optimistic!  This is a time of expansion regardless of what it feels to you.

SCORPIO:  You could be experiencing some difficulties at work that make it difficult to achieve you goals.  Yet there could also be some plan or design that will bring its own surprises!  New beginnings bring on their own complications and intrigues.  Being more structured or giving something more structure will help but surprises are always still going to feel like the norm.  This month also features bonding with others over the Internet.  This is a great time to plan a surprise party.   Starting earlier in the day can help you deal with all the scattered/chaotic issues.

SAGITTAURIUS:  The expense of computers or software will become obvious this month.   Health matters or health issues are not easily resolved.  This month also features the idea of travel or travelers and how that can effect a person’s health.  Partnerships, the idea of fairness, and expenses are on your radar this month.  One expense that you might be looking at could be related to gift giving.  This can be a very nostalgic time for you. Addictions and behaviors that are out of control will also come to your attention this month.

CAPRICORN:  This might be a good time to open a new bank account or expand your bank holdings.  This is a good time when you will have success in dealing with banks in general.  This is your New Moon and with that there is a boost to your self-confidence.    There are things bringing you some real excitement right now that will “pay” off in the end.  Delays could be the issue but the idea of “faking it till you make” can work as a way to help you or others hold on to your  enthusiasm.  Changes and transformation are everywhere right now and you are very conscious that things will get where they need to be.

AQUARIUS:  There could be victory for you this month in the area of your children or a creative project.  What has felt “fated” or “meant to be” could actually work out.  Things are happening the way you predicted or felt they would, but NOT in the way or manner you projected.  There could still be issues with unknown information.  It will be important to know when to speak out.  Pride can often be to blame when it comes to certain matters.  Decisions have to be made.  In the end you will be able to find peace with those decisions.

PISCES:  Sometimes the most serious or sad part of a situation is the fact that things just do not fit.  This will be true of situations as well as partnerships between people.  Even in partnerships people can be very different from one another.  Feeling oppressed right now?   That situation could be draining your energy—as you cannot make the right connections—no matter how much energy you expend.  Advice from authorities or authority figures is also highlighted.  There could be situations that just don’t fit the status quo; so the rules may not apply.  It is also important to remain compassionate, particularly with situations that could involve children.


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