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Moon through the sign of Aries

December 9, 2016


by: Colleen Schmidt

The Moon is directly related to the drama in life, the emotional center. So we begin our journey with the sign of Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, and thus it is very aggressive and assertive energy. As an emotional center, this is not a great place for the sign of Aries. This will make the energy emotionally aggressive or assertive. So it is a great place for being more selfish or taking care of matters that will help further one’s aims. It is a time to start projects that physically effort is required, as using the emotionally aggression in a physical way is great way to apply this energy.

Competitions can be more rewarding under the Aries Moon. Being around children is another way to use this energy to it’s more rewarding good. The advantage of this childlike and more aggressive energy has it’s place in our lives. There will always be ways to put that energy into play and make it work for you. Now it is not always going to work for us. Each month will bring a new energy or new opportunity to apply that Aries energy. Not all of these will feel good to us. Depending on where your Natal Moon resides and how well it is or isn’t aspected can make a huge difference as to whether what is going on is emotionally fulfilling or it is not.
As I pointed out in the preliminary article if someone had a Moon that was in Libra but in particular the Square energy of Capricorn or Cancer might be more difficult. Even when things ultimately work, there could be a point of dissatisfaction. Due to the fact that the energy might be too aggressive too assertive even too competitive for that Libra Moon. Or the fact that the aggression and assertion of energy is not being put into an area of life Cancer or the Capricorn find fulfilling.

Now this is not to say that during the Aries Moon non of these signs can experience fulfillment, they can. But it may be a bit more of a struggle or more compromise has to be made. Realizing also that even with a Libra Moon there can be other energies in the chart that actually relate better to the Arian energy. So it would also be better then one might think.

A teacher once pointed out that nothing is all good or bad and that goes for more difficult aspects, since they too have silver linings and can lead to much promise. But I do feel as an astrologer to better understand the energy is the first step in being able to make that energy work for you. In Yoga we have a saying about letting go of the ego. Well understand that emotional base we work with is also a by-product of that ego. Letting go of strong emotions, though difficult to do is another way to make use of the energy that is put before us.

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